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Business Research Essay

1545 words - 7 pages

Graduate School of Business

Buenaflor, Kricia Angela M
Business Research Methods (Writeshop)

Title: Impact of Organizational Climate on Job Satisfaction among Academic Staff in Metro, Manila
1.1 Background of the Study
1.2.1 General context of the problem
Despite these scattered efforts on job satisfaction among Academic Employee in the Metro Manila, there is a gap of research on the subject interest in Metro, Manila. Importantly in relation to their organizational climate, therefore, why this study is considered necessary at this time.
1.2.2 Description of the situation by which problem arose and ...view middle of the document...

4 Objectives of the Study (Research Objectives)
1.5.1 General Objectives
This study is to identify elements within the Organizational Climate that could cause satisfaction among Academic employee in selective private School in Manila
1.5.2 Specific Objective
1. To find out the relationship that exists between organizational climate and job satisfaction among Academic employee in select private School.
2. To identify factors that determines job satisfaction of Academic employee and their consequential effects on Academic excellence.
3. To determine whether Academic employee leaving a private school is based on being not satisfied with workload, feedback about performance and inadequate salary package expectation.
4. To identify interactional organizational climate variables that can cause job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction among Academic Employee.
1.5 Significance of the Study
1. Gap (Information)

The center of this study is focus on academic staff in select schools within Metro Manila. The main objective is to determine factors in the organizational climate that would case job satisfaction among academic staff.

2. New (Creation of new knowledge)

The Academic private organization will find the research helpful in improving staff morale and bringing about job satisfaction of their employees.

3. Hot Issue (Current, relevant)

This study, will recommend adoptable policies and strategies for mitigating organizational correlates of job dissatisfaction.

1.6 Scope and limitations of the Study

The research focused on the job satisfaction that could arise as a result of improved organizational climate. Improve organizational climate can have an impact on employee’s job satisfaction, which it turn could lead to an increase of productivity among employees. This study concentrate on finding out the causes of satisfaction among academic staff perceive the existing organizational climate. Recommendations were made on how to improve the organizational climate in order to facilitate greater job satisfaction and decrease job dissatisfaction among the participants.

2.1 Independent Variables and Constructs (Studies, journals, author, year)
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2.2 Dependent Variables and Constructs (Studies, journal, author, year)
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