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GAC012 Assessment Event 2: Project-Written Report

Recommending a Marketing Mix for a Product/Service

Student’s Name: Kevin
Student ID #: QING21228
Teacher: Ben Charlton
Due Date: 17 September 2012
Word Count: 1897
Table of Contents
Executive summary: 1

Introduction: 1

Methods: 3

Finding: 3

Discussion: 5

Conclusions and Recommendations: 6

References: 8

Appendices: 9

Executive summary:
This report will contribute to recommend two different market mixes for Versace which include produce a new line for young child and provide free-clean service, and by collected data, the report will get a ...view middle of the document...

Versace’s boutique is divided to every big city in every country to make customers convenient to buy Versace’s product. Versace divided its product into different parts and named it base on who the Versace’s product main sale and what product it is. There are many different parts for Versace’s clothes, like Versace Atelier which focus on woman’s exclusive clothes (Versace Atelier 2012). Versace is family-owned business. Although they have pledged to stay that way in the past, Versace seems may soon seek outside investors to stay bolster growth. That means Versace may soon become Versace IPO (Milligan 2012)
1.2.2 Target market
Versace’s target market is mass market. But its high level clothes price, only rich people can afford it, so Versace’s main target market is very rich people like famous star Lady Gaga.
1.2.3 Key success factors
Versace need to establish a high reputation in the world by its high quality clothes and high quality service, which is useful to attract more rich people to buy its product. It’s useful to use different style when its product focus on different position, age and gender people. To cater different famous star’s interesting, Versace need many different style for them. For example, for Lady Gaga, Versace need use cranky and staggering Atelier Versace to show her different dignify style.
1.2.4 Reason for choosing
Recently, Versace show its will to change Versace to Versace IPO. When it not only depends on Versace’s family and wants to look for outside investor to stay bolster growth, it also needs to come out some marker mix to attract investor. Focus on helping Versace find more investor to stay bolster growth, this is the main reason why Versace be chosen.
1.3 SWOT analysis & the 4p’s
SWOT is aim to analysis the company’s strengths, weakness, opportunity, and threatens. It is used to establish the relationship with the internal and external situation, analysis the market that company in and predict the action which company will do (SWOT analysis no date). 4p’s always be used to specific describe the market mix that we have made. It used for us easily to evaluate our product or service will complete our wish.
1.4 Thesis statement:
According to the research, the result will show which market mix will attract more people to buy our product or can widen target market for Versace’s clothes. The report intends to find two different market mixes which is most suitable for Versace’s growth base on questionnaires collect from people.
2.1 Data collection methods
The questionnaire will be used to collect data from customers in appendix 1. The main targets that are researched are parents of students in March 1 class aged between 35 at 55. The questionnaires were delivered to everyone’s parents by their child in March 1 class, and classmates fetch the questionnaires when their parents finished. The collected questionnaires will be statistic by the researcher. The Internet can be used to find...

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