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Business Relations Essay

1158 words - 5 pages

This course will focus on developing the analytical skills needed for philosophical thought about important moral issues that arise within a business context. The first part of this course will focus on understanding the nature of morality, and we shall discuss normative theories of ethics, theories of justice, the nature of capitalism and the rise of corporations. Next, we apply these theories to practical problems arising in the workplace, such as personnel policies, the right to privacy, the obligation to provide safe working conditions, and overall employee satisfaction. We also address the moral challenges facing an employee, including loyalty to the employer, ...view middle of the document...

After reading through the case, you should answer all the questions. The specific cases to be read are listed on the reading schedule on the syllabus. The assignments must be typed. Incomplete, handwritten, or otherwise unacceptable assignments will not receive credit. Your lowest grade on the writing assignments will be dropped at the end of the term.

The writing assignments must be submitted via SafeAssign on our course Blackboard site. I will not accept hardcopies or emailed assignments. The due dates are listed on the reading schedule and those due dates are final.

Class Participation and Attendance: Attendance will be taken at the start of each class by means of a sign-in sheet. You are allowed two absences without penalty.

Please be aware of the NY State Education Law, which provides that:
1. Any student in an institution of higher education who is unable, because of their religious beliefs, to attend classes on a particular day or days shall, because of such absence on the particular day or days, be excused from any examination or any study or work requirements.
2. It shall be the responsibility of the faculty to make available to each student who is absent form school, because of religious beliefs an equivalent opportunity to make up any examination, study or work requirements, which they may have missed because of such absence on any particular day or days.
3. Any student who is aggrieved by the alleged failure of any faculty or administrative officials to comply in good faith shall be entitled to maintain an action or proceeding in the supreme court of the county in which such institution of higher education is located for the enforcement of their rights.

To do well in this course, you are expected to attend class, do the readings, take the exams, and complete all of the writing assignments.

You are strongly encouraged to participate in class discussions, and to bring questions or comments on the readings. I will go over all of the reading material in lecture.

Your final grade for this course will be calculated according to the percentages listed above and will not be based on a curve. Be aware that I do not offer or accept additional extra credit assignments.

Excessive lateness will not be tolerated. Eating and drinking during class is permitted if done quietly, but try to be courteous to those around you. Cell phones must be turned off and put away during class.

If you have a disability or there is some reason you may not be able to complete your course work, please let me know as soon as possible.

If you miss an exam...

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