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Business Planner Essay

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Mature, Achievement, Dedication, and Education
JD Davis
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Executive summary |
Description of company I. What to expect from the company II. Meeting high standard |
Strategic plan/focus I. Nonfinancial goal II. Financial goal |
Situation analysis i. Strength ii. Weakness iii. Opportunities iv. Threats |
Market-product focus i. Marketing and product plan |
Marketing program strategy and tactics I. Prices strategy II. Place strategy |
Financial Projections |
Organization structure |
Implementation plan |
Evaluation and control |

Company Description
M.A.D.E was started by ...view middle of the document...

M.A.D.E believes in giving good quality service on child care and education. M.A.D.E ambition is trying to lower the price on child care to help out the single parents in our community. Also, M.A.D.E will make sure that their children will get the best teaching by highly recruited faculty with the mind frame of wanting to make this world a better place for the children by doing different activity to learn what we trying to teach the children. The age group will be 3-17, and there will be in grade level class, so everybody will get the learning they need.
Strategy Focus and Plan
This section covers three aspects of corporate strategy that influence the marketing plan: (1) the mission, (2) goals, and (3) core competence/sustainable competitive advantage of M.A.D.E.
The mission of M.A.D.E is to market a well-quality business for our community to provide a more than of enough service, so the customers can be satisfied with the atmosphere of M.A.D.E trying to make a different in our community. M.A.D.E wants to challenge single parents to pursue their goals with no worry about business high prices in our every day. Also, M.A.D.E will have a barber shop, Bible study section, stores were parents can buy goods, game room, day care, and a learning center with tutors to make sure a parent is getting the help as needed. That the advantage M.A.D.E trying to have over other organization.
For the coming five years M.A.D.E seeks to achieve the following goals:
* Nonfinancial goals
1. To expand across the United States for better finance.
2. To have high enrollment in my business
3. To have trust with government on my business
4. To have a vision of idea for years to come
5. To be rank in the top three organization in the United States of American
* Financial goals
1. To have high population to bring in at least 40 percent of customers each per year earnings growth
2. Make sure my marketing are balance for economic problems
3. To have many other organization providing for the company to expand.

Situation Analysis
The situation analysis starts with an outcome of the environment in which M.A.D.E finds itself by providing a brief SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis. After this overview, the analysis probes ever-finer levels of detail: competitors, population, and with kind of environment the business will be in.
In the table, I will show the strength and weakness of M.A.D.E will have advantage over other community business strategy. Internal factor and external factor will determine my example in the table.
M.A.D.E strength will be all in my management because without a strong staff of management the business will fail. Without a strong staff the employee will operate with purpose of pursing the situation. M.A.D.E will have all the learning tools available in the business to make sure our members are ensured with the best.

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