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Business Plan For Np Essay

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Business Plan for Nurse Practitioner Joining a Primary Care Practice

Executive Summary

With diabetes, heart failure, and hypertension at epidemic proportions and with the expected influx of millions of newly insured Americans, a nurse practitioner position in a primary care office in Manahawkin area will assist with the shortage of primary care physicians. The nurse practitioner can provide much of the same services as primary care physicians. These include diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions, order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests, and developing treatment plans. A nurse practitioner joining a primary care practice would be able to be ...view middle of the document...

It also showed that there were several single practicing primary care physicians that were interested in having a partner or nurse practitioner to help cover the increasing overhead costs of getting electronic medical record software, along with others. A nurse practitioner joining a primary care practice is a good choice because the practice will be able to see more patients and increase revenue in a very short period of time.

Financial Projections


The timeline for this process to be operationalized is six months. This is from the time of the nurse practitioner agreeing to join the practice and signing the contract of employment and collaborative agreement. During the six month time the nurse practitioner will get privileges at Southern Ocean Medical Center and become oriented to their computer software and operating policies. The nurse practitioner will also work with the office staff in marketing themselves to the current patients and the community.

Start-up Expenses

Marketing the NP $1000.
Office Furniture $300.
Computer $2000.
Communications $390.
Office Supplies (etc. Business cards) $300.
Malpractice Insurance for NP $800.
Continued Education for NP $1000.
Legal Fees (contract & agreement) $500.

By having the nurse practitioner join the practice, it will cost approximately $6290. of upfront costs to the practice. This includes marketing, computer system, office supplies and equipment, and legal fees. This amount does not include the annual salary of $80,000 for the nurse practitioner. The annual salary will be offset by the nurse practitioner providing care to existing patients, that would not be able to be seen in the...

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