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Business Mpo Coca Cola Essay

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Coca-Cola is a public company owned by thousands of shareholders and investors around the world. It was founded in 1886 by pharmacist, De John S Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. It was one afternoon; Dr Pemberton stirred up a fragrant, caramel-coloured liquid that started him off, selling a glass of it for five cent. His friend, who was also a business partner, Frank M Robinson, came up with the name Coca Cola. It was him who also wrote the words in Spenserian script, the one that's now familiar and world's most recognized trademark. Dr Pemberton then started promoting his new products by distributing thousands of coupons that could be exchanged for a complimentary sample.

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To maximise profit and increase its market share would also be considered as a goal. One of the purposes of opening a business to make a profit so the business can survive. Its main goal is still to provide magic every time someone drinks one of its more than 400 brands - and to do so in a way that benefits consumers and the communities we operate in.
29 August 2013

Goals and specific objectives with Policies

1. Maintaining its reputation- More customers see you as a good standard company and are likely to help you increase the sales.
• Reduce customer complaints by 5%
 Deal with customer complain promptly

2. To maximise profit- cutting down on the costs and focusing on increasing profit.
• Increase 2% profit by next 3 months
 Use the right pricing strategy

3. To survive – to earn enough money that they can run the business.
• To reduce costs of the business by 3% over the next 3 months.
 Review supplies regularly

4. Develop new products- to attract more customers
• Introduce a brand new product by next 5 month
 Do market research

5. To Grow- expanding its business into a bigger one
• Open up 3 more stores by a year
 Abide by local authority legislation on planning control

12 September 2013

Input Process Output
• Ingredients
• Machines • Production
• Packaging • Products
• Sales

19 September 2013


Political factors

• Introduction of new legislation – it could cost the business to...

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