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Business Model And Strategic Plan Part I: Conceptualizing A New Product Or Service Division Of An Existing Business

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Professional Selling
In order for a company to get off the ground, much of the time they need to sell the product through different promotional strategies. This could be through advertising or door to door sales, whatever the company feels will help sell their product. Pet Buddy is in this exact situation now as they are in the introduction phase. They are trying to get off the ground anyway they can, and in order to do so, they must get out and use professional selling. In business they usually say, “Nothing happens until someone sells something”, this could not be any truer ("Professional Selling", n.d.). The company cannot continue to pay their payroll and spend on research and ...view middle of the document...

This makes it important to find the right people to represent the company on their behalf. They need to know how to adapt to situations that might occur that might cause problems. The sellers are the front lines and can have a major impact on branding. The company does not want people associating PetBuddy with having bad service, or always having technical issues or delays. The whole process needs to be smooth and seamless for the consumer to keep them coming back, and also for them to advertise for PetBuddy through word of mouth.
It is important for the sales people to have a clear understanding of what the consumer wants, while at the same time keeping in mind what the company has the capabilities to do. The sales people also have to maintain relationships as that is a key to success ("Professional Selling", n.d.). Not only is the communication and relations with the consumers important but also with the entire company. They need to be able to relay the consumers needs to the appropriate department for achieve the seamless process. They need to get the orders to the shipping department in order for the orders to be filled on time. They need to keep in contact with the delivery drivers to ensure timely delivery. They need to keep in contact with the marketing department to ensure they are able to offer the customer the best deals possible. The bottom line is that the sales people are important to the success of the entire company.
Types of Selling
There are several different types of selling techniques that companies use depending on the types of relationships. The first type is script-based selling. This is where there is a script and it is used, pretty much verbatim, to sell the product at trade shows and things like that, direct selling. Script-based selling works best when the needs of customers do not vary much ("Professional Selling", n.d.). This type of strategy is a great way for PetBuddy to get into trade shows and sell their product. This way the company has a little control of what the sales representative is relaying to the public. Another type is need-satisfaction selling and this is the act of asking questions of the consumer and finding out their needs and then catering a sales pitch based on those needs ("Professional Selling", n.d.). This again would be another great way to sell the PetBuddy. Maybe people do not realize that they can communicate with their pet, or that it dispenses treats, now the sales person can find out that the customer’s need is to give a treat during the day. The sales person can now pitch this as something the consumer should buy. This type of selling works best when the customer’s needs vary but the product is fairly standard ("Professional Selling", n.d.). Another form of selling is consultative selling which uses special expertise to solve a complex problem in order to create a customizable solution ("Professional Selling", n.d.). This really does not seem to be a...

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