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Business Management Essay

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In the beginning of the 20th century, there was an increased focus on scientific management of workplace. The father of this theory, Fredrick Taylor specified labour to be an integral part in the management of the workplace, and this is how the concept of Human Resource Management was born. As defined by Storey is “a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques”. From then to today, this concept has continuously evolved. Organizations today consider HRM to be an integral part ...view middle of the document...

He feels that they should not surrender their working to institutionalization that is when organizations follow the idea that all departments like IT and HR are necessary for the profitability of a company that is they base their working on a set of formally laid down rules and regulations. This makes the work of the employees monotonous and restricts them from giving their individual opinions or ideas. The employees work for their salary and not for the customers. Thus, the organization lacks creativity and enthusiasm. He highlights the framework of the HR department to conduct unnecessary procedures and tests that further drain the organization of cash. Examples of his could be hiring compensation consultants who just come up with excuses to raise the payroll of employees, appraisal experts to evaluate the working environment and mutual relationships between the workers or training experts that come up with daily tests and course which keeps the employees from doing their work and leads to wastage of time and energy. The author believes that senior officials in the department have the power to access each and every employee’s salary and performance record. They use this to their advantage by manipulating the salaries of employees that is deciding who gets promotion or a rise in their payroll, change the layout of the contract or how everyone is treated. Headhunters, on the other side, work hard to foster the best out of the lot and rearrange the structure according to their understanding. Thus, hiring so many people who don’t contribute to any buying and selling or production activities of the business increases cost and leads to over-employment. The chairman of Channel 4 concludes by saying that organizations should eliminate these time and cost exhausting activities and outsource it to cheaper countries. Doing this would reduce their cost as well as won’t deprive them of these activities. Mr. Johnson believes that this would also reduce unemployment as legalizing rights just leads to destruction of jobs and well being of both employees and employers.

On the other hand, companies around the world have a Human Resource Management Department and consider it an indispensible part of business. One of the many advantages of HR would be recruitment and training. Under this, HR creates a layout for recruiting the right people for the right job. In order to carry out this activity, it conducts many interviews and tests and then filters applicants on the basis of their capabilities and accomplishments. For Example, Google has an official page called, ”The Top 10 reasons of Working For Google” that involves incentives like free gourmet food and a fun-working environment in order to attract bright and thriving workers from around the world. HR also looks at the legal aspect of hiring, keeping and retiring employees. It makes sure that business attains its goals while keeping in mind the laws of the country it works in. HR also helps to eradicate...

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