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Business Management Essay

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As a leader, I know leadership is not about giving commands, but rather listening to your staffs, including them in everyday operations, settling on choices together and helping one another out. For instance, I draw in all my staff in every day operations of my area of expertise, which incorporate choice making, planning and execution of ideas. This strategy has assisted me with picking up acknowledgment and, therefore, I have the capacity to execute thoughts more effortlessly.
Reflection on Seven Habits Profile
I scored 18/18 in the emotional bank account. This reflects that how I'm a leader who strongly demonstrates a great deal of consideration when ...view middle of the document...

Besides, I do a weekly list of all things that need to be done. I’m a leader as portrayed by my score who put in mind the concerns of others and meet my job expectations. I put in mind the main objective of the task and how to get it accomplished not only on time but ahead of schedule. These leadership styles after some time have enhanced my daily execution of tasks and, reduced exhaustion. All this eventually have helped me grow as a strong leader who enjoys life and work as well as maintaining productivity.
I scored 17/18 in the area of being proactive. I fully take responsibility for my actions rather than blame others and situations. I positively acknowledge my mistake and apologize if do wrong. This happens sometimes when I don’t give clear instructions and the project or the task eventually doesn’t come out right, and instead of putting the blame on the person who carried the task for the outcome, I do take that blame squarely and works together as a team on the way to improve or correct it. Lastly, I don’t waste my time on problems I don’t have control over rather than, I concentrate my efforts on the things I can deal with and succeed.
In the area of synergies, I scored 18/18 which, reflects that I’m a leader who believes that two heads are better than one and seek ideas of my co-workers in most of the decisions. Together we are able to come up with far better choices which affect our organization in a positive way. I put skills to the test when I take the time to research for better ideas and solutions. Most of the time, I strive to get the best creative and the less costly decision to be implemented which can be more beneficial to my organization in the long run. I encourage others to express their opinions with no fear and I do support them in doing so positively.
I scored 16/18 this category of seek to understand first. This reflects that I’m a leader who value communication and listens to my staff. I didn’t score very high in this area due to the fact that sometimes I’m not too much sensitive with various issues. I always advise my staff that dialogue is best to solve conflicting issues and they listen as I talk and I do the same thing. This is a great opportunity to listen to either side before making any judgment on any issue. I care for my physical health and well-being by going to the gym and participating in activities like mini-marathon, cycling, and regular doctor checkup. I strive to build relationships with others and expand my social network, which is beneficial by creating permanent friendship and for the benefit of working well together. I take time to find meaning and enjoyment in life by reading books, watching movies and hang out with my friends
The last category of think win-win, I scored 18/18.This demonstrates that I’m not that kind of a leader who is looking for some else to fail so that I can succeed rather than, I’m a leader who embraces the success of my colleges as that of my...

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