Business Intelligence Essay

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Integrating Business Intelligence with the Enterprise

Course Overview

This course will look at the problems enterprises face with regard to

i) The integration of business intelligence (‘BI’) software with other enterprise information systems,
ii) The significance of a data model in BI and
iii) The bottlenecks that prevent easy production and dissemination of BI.

We will be using, as an example, the BI features of Microsoft SQL Server 2005, namely SQL Server Analysis Services and SQL Server Reporting Services. However, it is not necessary for you to acquaint yourselves with either of these: the course will stress general principles and will merely use the ...view middle of the document...

1. Business Intelligence in the Enterprise.
2. How is Business Intelligence disseminated?
3. Where is the Business Intelligence bottleneck?
4. The significance of data models in design.
5. Shortcomings of the relational model for reporting
6. Microsoft’s new data models for OLAP and dimensional reporting.
7. Design using the new models.
8. Do you still need a data warehouse?

The presentation will include two demos, one on OLAP and one on Reporting.

Preliminary Reading and Activity

If you are going to attend for “interest only”:

You do not have to do any preliminary reading, or any other form of preliminary activity. If, however, you are moderately interested in the subject matter, a well-written and reasonably authoritative introduction to “Business Intelligence” can be found in Wikipedia (

If you want to get the most out of the course:

You can install the necessary software from Microsoft MSDN. See the Appendix for instructions. Once you have installed the software, there are tutorials on Analysis Services and Reporting Services available in SQL Server 2005 Books on Line.

Although SQL server 2005 is a new product, there are already a few books on the market. Of the ones that I have seen so far, the best one is
Applied Microsoft Analysis Services 2005 and Microsoft Business Intelligence  
by Teo Lachev, published by Prologika Press (ISBN: 0976635305), 2005.

If you are not quite keen (or rich) enough to buy the book, Teo Lachev has made a sample chapter available on the Prologika website. To download the chapter, navigate to

and follow the download instructions.

I will be providing copies of...

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