Business Ethics In Workplace Essay

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Business ethics in workplace
Nowadays in many workplaces managers have to deal with several ethical and moral issues such as harassment, theft and equality. Along with the management role, managers have to make sure they maintain a good amount of moral and ethical values. Managers have to show fairness to all employees. Harassment is one of the biggest ethical and moral problems managers are faced with today. Also, it does not matter what level of management is under consideration: top, middle, or lower; managers in all areas, and in all functions, face situations where ethical considerations play a big part in the work place. Ethics in workplace is an important subject. The amount of ethics in the work place focuses its attention on affirmative action, discrimination, ...view middle of the document...

Managers have to make sure that all employees are being treated fairly with respect and dignity. Managers also have to achieve the company’s success along with the social responsibilities.
The employer and the manager can also be held accountable for harassment of an employee by other employees. If the employer knew about the harassment and failed to take immediate and appropriate action, the employer would be held responsible for the out comings. The employer must treat all complaints in a serious manner, investigate them thoroughly, and record all findings.
“Many people ask why ethics is such a vital component of management practice. It has been said that it makes good business sense for managers to be ethical. Without being ethical, companies cannot be competitive at either the national or international levels. While ethical management practices may not necessarily be linked to specific indicators of financial profitability, there is no inevitable conflict between ethical practices and a firm's emphasis on making a profit; our system of competition presumes underlying values of truthfulness and fair dealing.”
With every public issue you will find a moral issue. Managers are placed in hard situations all the time. Practicing good ethics and morals will help define a good supervisor. Being able to keep the company’s reputation and protect the employee’s reputation is not easy. Making sure that supervisors are self aware will help them be aware of their employees needs. Most social and moral issues can be resolved at the lowest supervisors’ level if supervisors are aware how ethics and social responsibilities work. Some companies delegate ethics management and responsibilities widely, finding that a strong statement of values and a strong ethical culture can bind the ethics management effort together.

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