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Business Environment Essay

9246 words - 37 pages

I would like to express my deepest admiration to all those who provided me the possibility to complete this report. A special thank goes to my bellowed lecturer for giving me necessary guidance and instructions to make this a success. Furthermore I would like to thank my family members for supporting me throughout the entire process and especially this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my mother and father.

This report provides an analysis of the purposes of three business organizations called Bogawanthalawa Tea Estates PLC, Swarnamahal Financial PLC and Vallibel Power Erathna PLC and the nature of the national environments in which the ...view middle of the document...

The report finds that,
* The companies have to set their mission statements paving the way for achieving their goals.
* The companies which are more into fulfilling shareholder expectations would be more successful than the other companies.
* Identifying different types of responsibilities and performing them would earn the organization much reputation.
* The mixed economic system in which the company Vallibel Power Erathna PLC operates, is allocating resources effectively and efficiently while ensuring their sustainability.
* The fiscal policy manipulates the quantity demanded and economic growth with best price decisions while the monetary policy is manipulating the supply of money.
* Pricing and output decisions of the company Bogawanthalawa PLC are made carefully as the demand and supply forces change along with the time.
* As a tea manufacturing company, Bogawanthalawa PLC has identified its external environment and the impacts of the PESTEL factors on the organization.
* The global factors like financial crisis, war and global warming have a negative impact on Sri Lankan business organizations.
* Being a member state, UK has a lot of benefits from EU such as Educational, Social, Environmental, Economical and Technological etc.

2.0 BODY 7
2.1 Task 1 7
2.1.1 LO1.1 7 Mission Statement of Bogawanthalawa PLC 7 The Mission Statement of Vallible Power Erathna PLC 7 The Mission Statement of Swarnamahal Financial services PLC 8
2.1.2LO1.2 11 Who are the Stakeholders? 11 Stakeholder Expectations 11 The stakeholder mapping 14
2.1.3LO1.3 16
2.2 Task 2 19
2.2.1 LO2.1 19 What is an economic system? 19 What is Planned Economy? 19 What is Market Economy? 19 What is Mixed Economy? 19 How do the three economic systems allocate the scarce resources ? 20 How does the mixed economic system, in whichVallible Power Erathne PLC operates allocate the resources? 21
2.2.2 LO2.2 22 What is Fiscal Policy? 22 What is Monetary Policy? 22 The impact of Fiscal Policy on Vallible Power Erathna PLC 23 The impact of Monetary Policy on Vallible Power Erathna PLC 24 What is Competition Policy? 25 The impact of Competition Policy on a business organization 25
2.3 Task 3 27
2.3.1LO3.1 27 A brief explanation to the market structures 27 Assuming that the company called BogawanthalawaPLC is operating in a Monopolistic competitive market 28
2.3.2LO3.2 30 The determinants of Demand 30 An increase in the Demand curve 30 A decrease in Demand curve 31 The determinants of Supply 32 An increase in Supply curve 32 A decrease in Supply curve 33 The way in which the market forces shape the business...

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