Business Entities, Laws, And Regulations Paper

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Business Entities, Laws, and Regulations Paper

University of Phoenix
BUS 415
January 2011
Mauri Hawkins

Business Entities, Laws, and Regulations Paper
Businesses in every industry have to deal with entities, laws, and regulations. Management teams have to take into account items such as consideration of control, taxation, and liability issues among others. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the restaurant/bar, professional practice, and construction scenarios. For each scenario the business entity that represents the best choice for each business, ownership structure, taxation, and liability issues for consideration. Identification of laws and regulations each business ...view middle of the document...

Laws and regulations the business must consider in starting the business deal with duration that technically a general partnership terminates with withdrawal of a co-owner, death or disability and sharing profits.
Scenario 2
Professional Practice
Renaldo and Naomi have just completed all educational and experiential requirements to be licensed as obstetricians. They want to open a birth clinic together. They will take out a large loan to finance start-up costs (University of Phoenix, 2010).
Renaldo and Naomi are newly license as obstetricians and want to open a birth clinic together. Both will need to take out a huge loan to finance their start-up amounts. Renaldo and Naomi would be best to create a limited liability partnership (LLP) to organize their business. By forming the LLP, the partners protect themselves from liability beyond their initial capital contribution should the partnership fail or face a lawsuit. Members of an LLP are also not personally liable for the malpractice of one partner and states require LLP to carry substantial liability insurance in exchange for this limited liability. The limited liability protects Renaldo and Naomi from taking personal responsibility for the loan they will take out should the business become insolvent (Cheeseman, 2010).
Forming an LLP ensures that Renaldo and Naomi retain control of their business because they are the only shareholders. For tax purposes, an LLP is not taxed as a separate entity so Akiva Renaldo and Naomi will only pay tax for the business profits on their individual tax returns. To form their LLP, Renaldo and Naomi will need to write and file articles of partnership in the state in which they wish to operate. If they choose to conduct business in another state, they will first need to register as a foreign LLP with that state. Organizing their business as a limited liability partnership offers Renaldo and Naomi the best combination of liability protection, tax benefits, and control of their business (Cheeseman, 2010).
Scenario 3
Construction Scenario
Mei-Lin is the hiring manager for Surebuild, Inc., a new construction company. She has advertised a position as a jackhammer operator. The position’s description states that the successful applicant must have a high school diploma. The following people apply for the position: Donna, 35, who appears to be pregnant, is a high school graduate, and was formerly employed as a jackhammer operator; Duane, 55, who is experienced with a jackhammer, but has no high school diploma; Rick, who is 38, does not speak English, has no...

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