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Sony Walkman

Sony is an international brand and known as electronic company.

The company selling products to the global market that makes company

has a very large consumer market. Also Sony has always led the market

in terms of innovation and new technology products. Companies in this

industry are benefiting from rapid growth have sales and earnings that are

expanding at a faster rate than firms in other industries but, electronic

industry has low barrier to enter and exit. The technology of electronic

product is easy to copy that makes Sony faces with many competitors so

Sony should try to be the first and fast entrant to develop and launch new

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It was mostly promoted in newspapers

magazines. On the other hand, promoted itself in use in public places,

Walkman responses US customers who try to avoid an unpleasant sound

of the world while they work, bicycle, drive or do other activities.

“Walkman”, a lightweight cassette player, revolutionized the way

people listened to music. In the end of 1979, a young engineer created

Walkman for Sony’s chairman, Mr. Akio Morita, who sought for

listening music device for his personal use. Successfully, with high-

quality playback through lightweight earphones attached to a lightweight

cassette, Walkman was able to response customer’s need and was shipped

550,000 of it worldwide. Continuously, the figure increased three times in


However, Sony has unexpectedly confronted with the intense

competition on similar products. Customers have had more choices for

music devices, and can compare prices among competitors. Customers

demand for Walkman has been decreasing. Also, customers expect their

listening music device with more functions than original Walkman. Sony

management including product development and marketing team now

need to come up with ideas and strategy to maintain the popularity of

Walkman and still response the most customers’ need for personal music

player gadgets.


1. What groups of potential buyer exist for the Walkman?

Walkman’s potential customers: this product can be focus both woman and man

- Young generation

- Business people

- Active and out people

- Athlete; for example, joggers, runners and ect.

- Old people focus on retirement people who need relaxation be listened

to music and radio.

In 1979, the U.S. and the People's Republic of China established

diplomatic relations. It was a good year for Pittsburgh; the Steelers won

the Super Bowl and the Pirates won the World Series. The Nobel Prize in

Physics was awarded for contributions to the theory of unified weak and

electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles…whatever that

means. And the Sony Walkman was born.

So Happy 30th Anniversary to the Walkman. I have to say, it's
looking better than ever, and working a lot better, too.
Yes, Sony still makes Walkman – and since 2000 they've been digital.
Just last month, the latest in the Walkman S series, the NWZ-S544, hit
the market. And while the Sony hasn't generated much buzz in this iPod
era, its price tag ($109) and the nostalgia factor make it worth a look.

The Walkman is surprisingly sleek. It is black and luminous, with a

nicely-sized 2.4 inch screen and black headphones. Below the screen,

there's a wheel for scrolling through all of your menu options, settings,

songs, and media.

But for those of us who are used to iPods, navigating the
Walkman made cassette mix tapes seem simple by comparison. For
instance, because the wheel isn't touch...

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