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Assignment on Communication Skills for Managers

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Title: Assignment on communication process of Grameenphone Ltd.
Executive Summary
Grameenphone Ltd is the largest mobile telecommunications operator in Bangladesh in terms of revenue, coverage and subscriber base. The company operates a digital mobile telecommunication network based on the GSM standard. Grameenphone also known as GP is the number 1 mobile operator with 44% ...view middle of the document...

1 | Introduction | 1 |
1.2 | Objectives of Communication | 1 |
1.3 | Significance of the assignment | 2 |
1.4 | Company profile
| 2 |
2.1 | Communication method with customers | 3 |
2.2 | Communication Methods in the Organization: | 4 |
2.3 | Communication Flow in GP | 5 |
2.4 | Communication System in GP | 6 |
2.5 | Communication with the agents | 7 |
3 | Conclusion | 7 |
3.1 | Reference | 7 |

1. Introduction:
Communication is an inevitable part of our lives. We are born with communication. We live with communication and die with communication the term communication stems common. It is very difficult to define communication in simple wards. But we need definition. 
Peter little defines communication as follows:  “Communication is the process by which information is transmitted between individuals and/or organizations so that an understanding response results.”
Another very simple definition by W.H Newman and C.F Summer: “Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions, or emotions by two or more persons.”
So, Communication is the process of transmission of ideas, facts, emotions and concepts between two or more persons.
1.2Objectives of Communication
Principles are statements, which act as guides. Every individual or organization should follow some sort of principles to run operations in its respective fields.
Clarity/clearness and integrity: The subject mailer of communication should he clear. It should not he ambiguous. When the subject matter is clearly presented communication becomes effective.
Attention and completeness: Message should be sent in completeness
Simplicity: Communication is an art. So a communicator should have the quality to present messages to the receiver n a simple language. Unnecessary language should he avoided.
Interdependence: This is another principle necessary for fruitful communication. The main theme of this principle is that the parties involved in the communication process need to be cooperative with each other. So both the parties must think that they are dependent on each other for successful communication.
Interest and acceptance: Without the support of the colleagues, no communication will be fruitful. For this reason, the colleagues (receiver) must have the curiosity and mentally to accept the subject matter of communication.
Timing and timeliness: The message to be sent should he mean to meet the need of time inspective of place, mentally, technique, etc. So the communicator should pay attention to the technical and psychological aspects of timing. Other principles of communication are preparation, unity, mutual trust, use of informal communication, sending the message at right place complete knowledge, positive language, variety of sentence, overall of tone, reward etc.
1.3 Significance of the assignment
The primary purpose of the report is the fulfillment of the course requirement. The main objectives of the report are as follows:

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