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Me and my 2 sistersAll of the pictures that I have as a baby are in Ecuador. This is because this is where I lived for a majority of my infancy and toddlerhood. I was able to retrieve this picture of me and my sisters two years ago when I visited. The picture on my cover is when I had my Quinceñera in Ecuador 2 years ago. This is when a women in South America or Central America comes to the age of 15 and is introduced to society as a lady. I was able to have my whole family there. | | | Who We AreBrittany Nazareth Jaramillo Webster3014 Greenwood Park CircleAlbemarle, NC 28001Cell- 704-305-8354 |
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Chapter 1: My roots |
By: Brittany Nazareth Jaramillo Webster |

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Macbook in BostonIn March of 1997, scientists cloned Dolly the sheepBritain gave up control of Hong Kong in July of 1997In September of 1997, Mother Teresa died within a week of Princess DianaMore than 120 countries signed a treaty to get rid of land minesIn March of 1997, 39 people were found dead at Rancho Santa Fe, California, in a carefully orchestrated group suicide. The Heaven's Gate cult was made up of Web developers who used their site to recruit new members. They believed that the comet Hale-Bopp was being trailed by a spaceship that would transport them to a higher state of existence when they left their earthly bodies. Leader Marshall Applewhite, known as "Do," and his followers swallowed a lethal mixture of vodka and phenobarbital.In December of 1997, “Carlos the Jackal” is convicted of murder in Paris court | | |
Stony Brook University Medical CenterStories of my infancy and toddlerhoodMy mom says that I was a violent sleeper whenever I was younger. My sisters can also recall times that I would have slept with my mom at night and she would have woken up with a black eye and bruises from me kicking and punching in my sleep.I used to HATE having my nose blown when I was a baby. My sisters would run around the entirety of our three story house just to get my nose blown before Sunday church.When I three I cut my finger open on a bathroom door. I was playing with a kid from my neighborhood and we went inside a house to use the bathroom and afterwards we starting playing and he accidently shut my left hand middle finger inside the hinge. To this day, my finger nail grows slanted. I was the only child that my dad actually witnessed be born. With my other two sisters my dad did not make it to their birth because he was late. When I was born my dad got there right in time to watch and pick out my name. |

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1017 words - 5 pages $50,000 for the necessary renovations and license applications. Building-related expenses included depreciation, utilities, maintenance, cleaning, property taxes, and so forth. Traditionally, these costs were assigned to the classes on a per class-meeting basis. The buildingrelated costs had not significantly changed since the introduction of the birthday party business. Therefore, no building-related costs had been assigned to the new product

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