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Nectarines are a stonefuit that are mainly grown in the state of California. The used to be sold fresh, and processed, but now are only sold fresh. In this paper, we will show you the production, harvest, packing, sales, and history of the nectarine. We will also feature a company that has been around since 1910. The nectarine industry is primary in the hands of these family businesses, and this is the only was these family’s know how to do it. The nectarine industry is very fascinating, and we were pleasured to do this commodity.

Nectarine Production

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I estimate that there are about 69 different growers of nectarines in California. (California PPN) California is ideal for growing this stone fruit, with average maximum summer temperature of the San Joaquin County is about 93 degrees F and average winter minimums of 37 degrees F. Annual rainfall ranges from 18 total inches in the north to 10 inches in the south county. (profile of SJC)

The average annual precipitation in the Northern California Region which includes Solano, Sutter, Yuba, placer, Butte, and El Dorado counties is 10-20 inches. The average temperature is 97 degrees F in the summer and 63 degrees F in the winter.

The packers in California were not specific on any website, but all of the packers are the growers themselves. There are really no processing plants. Theses businesses that are the growers and packers are subject to regulation under the orders covering nectarines and peaches grown in California.

Nectarines do have cooperatives. This is how most of the businesses produce and pack their product. The federal USDA is regulating the nectarine industry. It makes the rules and regulations for the entire commodity.

The current industry trends for the nectarine commodity is that Fruit Patch Sales Incorporated is installing a totally new and state of the art washing and waxing system to ensure the best possible shelf life of their fruit. This washing and waxing system extends not only the shelf life but also the appearance and image. This is very state of the art, and I believe will be very popular with other companies in the future.

The business that we chose to feature is Wes Pak Sales Incorporated, because of their long standing legacy, and their expertise from the long line of family. They are involved in the production and packing of our product. They are located in Dinuba, California.

Out of the 269,000 tons of nectarines that California yielded in 2007, all 269,000 tons were sold fresh. In the United States of the 14,000 other tons produced in the United States, all of that is sold fresh also. (Ag Statistics Board)
The U.S. food marketing system connects the food produced on farms to the consumer who buys the food to eat, either fresh or processed. The three main parts of the marketing system is the manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing. There are also many costs that go along with the marketing. These are the transportation, processing, and distribution of farm products. This is what figures into the major portion of food prices, with the farms contribution being the other piece of the price pie. There are also many other aspects which factor into the price of food. The packaging and transportation of the fruit are also an important and costly part of the distribution. Increasing oil prices mean higher production, processing, and transportation costs, which ultimately affects the food prices greatly. (USDA)

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