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Business And Management Essay

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Trevor Young
Nutrition, Food, and You
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Everyday we as people observe life and come to conclusions on how we live our lives. Whether it is religion or politics, we all have observed some sort of action that has lead us to draw a conclusion on the facts we have perceived. In science this method of deduction is called the “scientific method”. By definition, the scientific method is a multistep process that involves observation, experimentation, and a development of theory. This process is mostly used to find the cause and effect relationships in most scientific fields. There are four steps of the scientific method. The first step, observation, is the first phase of solving ...view middle of the document...

Epidemiology research studies can’t prove the causation of disease, however the can prove the correlation between disease and risk factor. What Epidemiologic studies really are trying to establish a link between two factors.
Another common type of research study is a clinical trial. According to the text, a clinical trial is “a tightly controlled experiment in which an intervention is given to determine its effect on a given disease or health condition. Clinical studies usually have two sets of groups that are going to be given the intervention and then the results of the two groups are compared. The group that is given the intervention is called the experimental group and those that are not given the intervention or given a placebo are called the control group. Once the experiment is complete the research can be compared and analyzed and researchers can determine whether or not it corresponds with the hypothesis. If it deducted that the hypothesis is true it can become a theory, however if it is a false hypothesis the process must start over.
Although clinical trials are one of the best ways to conduct experimental research, not all are equal. There are some considerations we need to make about the trial before we make any judgments. There are many ways that trials can be biased. There are ways we can avoid biased trials by modifying the two groups. One such way, which should always be used in clinical trial, is randomization. The two groups should be equal and observers should not be able to distinguish them. Not being able to distinguish the two groups allows for a fair non-biased trial. Another way to modify the trial is doing a single or double-blind experiment. Single-blind experiments is where the groups have no...

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