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Business And Corporate Social Responsibility Research Paper

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Business and Corporate Social Responsibility Research Paper
Bussines and Corporate Social Responsibility
1.0 Introduction:
Corporate Social Responsibility means the way in which business firms integrate environmental, economic and social concerns into their culture, values, strategy, decision making and operations in an accountable and transparent manner and, therefore, leading to better creation of wealth, an improved society and better practices in the business organization.

Activists, the media and governments all over the world have become adept by holding their organizations or enterprises to account for the social impacts of their actions. It is in this response that the use of ...view middle of the document...

These research objectives are, therefore, clearly analyzed through addressing the following research questions.
1.2 Research Questions:
1. What are some of the roles played by business educations towards the development of principal or key CSR?
2. What impact does customer perceptions have on loyalty which are based on CSR?
3. How can CSR enhance the reputation of various business enterprises?
4. What are some of the strategic decisions that are faced by business enterprises when trying to enhance or improve their performance of CSR?
2.0 Literature Review:
(2.1) Roles played by business educations towards the development of radical or key CSR:
According to CEEMAN, an International management development association, social competencies are building for students in various business schools all over the world. These business schools offer relevant educational concepts with an aim of building the trainees’ or students social competences. This is done through covering the principal methods and approaches which are used in enhancing the trainees’ social, corporate responsibility levels in the course of their professional training as future business managers or leaders.
Through the exploration of various issues, which are related, to academic activities of business organizations and through the teaching of various socially significant business disciplines, this ensures that these students who will become business leaders or managers are not only equipped with knowledge on improving their managerial culture but also enhances their understanding on the crucial role played by CSR in business enterprises. Goldeye (2011, p. 1) concludes that the social aspect is one of the leading professional competence of any business manager or leader since it is through it that a leader’s activities can be assessed through the effectiveness of such a leader’s interaction with staff, owners, the state and business partners.
(2.2) Customer perceptions on loyalty based on CSR:
According to Crespo, H, et al (2005, p.1), customer loyalty and valuation of various business services is profoundly influenced by Corporate Social Responsibility. It was ascertained that Corporate Social Responsibility had a lot of influence on the customers’ behavior. This was done through the identification of the various dimensions of social responsibility from the point of view of consumers and the weight of each of the dimension in the global construct of social responsibility. It is not, however, easy for consumers or customers to memorize and acquire information regarding a company’s social responsibility.
Luo, X and Bhattacharya, C (2006, p. 1-10) argued that it was ascertained that for instance, in the mobile telephone services sector, their existed an extraordinarily strong relationship between the consumers or the clients who consumed the services and the firm due to the inseparability, intangibility, perishability and heterogeneity compared to other tangible products and,...

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