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Busi Essay

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Regina Vazquez
BUSI 645
Individual Assignment #3
November 20, 2014

Discretionary benefits are an important commodity to both employees and employers. Today, it is expected to have some type of leave program and companies, although not required by law to have them, use these benefits to attract the best talent. They are also a way of rewarding good performance. Employees’ use of paid time off gives them the chance to rest and relax without having to worry about decreased pay. They then come back recharged and ready to excel, which benefits the company. “Most firms that provide high-quality benefits do so because they think it is the right thing to do and allows them to maintain a ...view middle of the document...

The company felt that these days could have been scheduled in advance. Superior knows the system in place now is not working and there needs to be a change. “Workers with many family responsibilities often find that family concerns interfere with their work and what they most need is a work arrangement that would allow them to handle family concerns and perform their job at a high level” (Halpern, 2005, p. 159). Superior changing there leave program from a traditional system to a paid time off system will definitely reduce unscheduled absences. Under this plan, employees will have leave days that can be used for anything, whether it is for vacation or for personal needs. If they know of something a day or two or even a week ahead of time, requesting to use one their paid time off days will give their management a heads up so they can find a work around if need be. Having leave days not strictly designated as vacation or as sick days will give the employee more flexibility to take care of needs outside of the office without abusing their sick days. The only alternative to unscheduled absences is disciplinary actions and that method is often used, but “studies are showing that paid-time-off banks are the most effective tool and eliminates the feeling of entitlement to sick that most employees have” (Birshel, 2004, p. 67).
Besides decreasing unscheduled absences, going to a PTO format has other benefits for both the employee and employer. For the employer, having a PTO system will alleviate them from having to manage vacation or sick time and hold their employees accountable. “New paid time-off policies pool all forms of paid time off and make employees responsible for managing that time” (Federico & Goldsmith, 1998, p. 67). No longer will human resources have different pools of leave to manage and employees will be able to keep up with their days of paid time off. This will also benefit employees who desire to have more control over their personal needs. Having a PTO plan also keeps an employee honest with their employer. When sick days are used for personal reasons, the employee must lie to their supervisor to get a legitimate sick day. There are those people that are ok with this and feel comfortable abusing the privilege, but there are others who are truly in a bind with family or personal problems who had to do so in order to not lose income. Now the employee will be able to request a leave day without having to give an official reason to take care of personal issues. John Allen (2013) explains that other advantages to using a PTO program include recruitment and retention, respect for...

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