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Determining why job satisfaction is low.
We all know how stressful it can be trying to balance work and your personal life outside of work. Job satisfaction is an important part of nurse’s lives that can influence on patient safety, productivity, and performance, quality of care, and commitment to the profession. This paper is to identify why job satisfaction is low due to low pay, no opportunity, lack of fair rewards, and stress. By improving on these four sources would improve on the job satisfaction.
Autumn care began in April of 1979 by two gentlemen, Gerald Cox and J.R. Garrett, with the futuristic vision or Nursing Home Care for the elderly. Autumn Care is 24 facilities strong in the 21st Century ...view middle of the document...

This respect is reflected in the tireless efforts of the staff of this facility to serve and preserve life and to prepare for its termination when death is inevitable through spiritual support, understanding, and empathy. (J.R.Garrett, 2012)
The problem here at Autumn Care is determining why job satisfaction is low. A lot of nurses have an issue staying with the company more than four years. Nurses also feel that there is not opportunity to grow with the company. Which cause them to leave and find another company that benefits them. The employees feel that the stress from working double and long shifts cause effects on their health, work, and their personal life. All employees feel that they should be paid more than what they receive. The pay is a major concern do the economy today, they feel that their should be more pay because the work that’s expected of them. This is where fair rewards come into play. Employees feel that the work they do and the effort they put forth should be reward in so way. After realizing that these problems are the down fall to low job satisfaction at Autumn Care give a clear understanding how things need to be fixed. The CEO of the company came to a conclusion to hire someone who would make a major change within the company that can relate to the nurses and have a nursing background and as well the administration aspect. My role here at Autumn Care nursing home is a medical and health services manager for the entire nursing department. My position will be at Autumn Care nursing home lin Chesapeake, Virginia.

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