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Bus And Life Essay

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Bus and Life

What are the common transportations nowadays? Obviously bus nowadays has become
one of the most common means of transport. Commuters and students choose bus as they found
many advantages of this transportation. Across all income levels, the average number of trips
made by bus per year is sixty six. Also, one bus can reduce seventeen times pollution than cars if
the users switch from private vehicles to public transport. But the increase in bus fares recently
stops people from riding the bus around. Evidently the rise in bus fares doesn’t only put an
impact on people, it also creates lots of difficulties to reduce traffic jams and global warming.
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Old people have to stay home instead of traveling
around their favorite places. The increase in bus fares not only creates difficulties on people’s
disposable income, it also affects their ability to pay essentials.
The increase number of people using cars caused by the high bus fares is also not fuel
efficient for transportation. A car could carry maybe a maximum of five people and usually
commuting just one or two people. On the other hand, a bus could hold a lot more than a car,
which is definitely needed to improve the fuel efficiency for transportation. Nowadays, the
unstoppable increase in gas has led to another big issue. People cannot find other transportation
to fit their budgets. Many families on minimum wage or on basic out of work benefits would not
be able to bring enough money to pay for the price of gas. Now they are also struggling to keep
pace with rising bus fares. Therefore the increase of bus fares unquestionably will push them
further away from a minimum standard of living.
Secondly, the rise in bus fares increases the number of cars driving around the cities.
This issue automatically creates more traffic jams and congestion of rush hours. Many people
especially workers and students are suffering from waiting for a very long time to get through
traffic congestion. Parents are not be able to deliver and pick up their children on time to and
from schools. There is no doubt the increase in bus fares not only stops relieving traffic
congestion, it also significantly affects human lives. However, by not increasing the bus fares
is a perfect way for us to let more people using buses and get rid of those bad issues. For
example, one bus can transport nearly 100 people in a small space, many buses means
thousands of people and it absolutely contributes to the traffic jam reduction. Certainly, by not
increasing the bus fares is not only make people feel happy, it will also help to build a better
Next, the high bus fares increase the number of accidents and people get motion
sickness. More people are using other vehicles such as motorbikes and bikes to move around the
roads, which they may easily get into accidents and sickness by the weather effects and
pollution. Instead of sitting on bus with the average temperature and getting rid of the bad
impacts of severe climate. Motorbike drivers and bikers seems to feel uncomfortable of driving
under extreme cold in winter and high temperature in summer. Their skin is easily damaged
under sun light and the dust...

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