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Bus 520 Essay

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How Personal Can Ethics Get?
BUS 520
January 25, 2010

An employee’s individual differences and preferences can be of significant impact to the entire organization. People come from different places, backgrounds, cultures and religions. Each person’s knowledge and ability to understand principles and distinguish right from wrong are different. Therefore, it can create serious ethical issues in organizations because those personal characteristics influence people in their making of daily life decisions. However, the organization must abide by the law and order rules that are the standards of determining ethical behavior in the organization around the globe.
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Organizational policies and procedures are very important. Some people might underestimate the situation and make the wrong decision or they may not have enough knowledge to justify what is right or wrong. Having written policies, such as a company handbook which is based on the standards generally accepted as universal ethical behavior and law is very useful to the organization. The policies will help employees understand and learn appropriate ethical behavior. It may help eliminate the unethical behavior in the work place, since they are trained and have acknowledgement of the company’s behavior requirements. The staff will be more careful of misconduct that might affect either directly or indirectly other peers or the organization as a whole.
However, even though there are rules and procedures in the organization, the employees often tend to break the rules. The incidents occur either deliberately or inadvertently, and these transgressions can impact ethics. For example, an employee might use company’s assets for personal use because they mistakenly thought they had the right to do so. For example, some managers might take time off whenever they like, without caring whether the subordinates need them to be there or not. Some bosses might favor certain employees or clients based on their personal preferences. These kinds of incidents happen frequently in real life.
An organization’s policies and procedures set the tone of ethical behavior that become a guideline for the employees to recognize and be able to separate right from wrong and protect the company from being sued in case someone does something that is against the law. However, the company’s policies will not completely stop unethical behavior; therefore it is an employees’ responsibility to report to a superior if they believe any unethical or illegal behavior has occurred.
Valerie Young is a woman who came to the U.S. with a work permit visa because of her special skills in finance and marketing. Valerie was working as a marketing manager at Wisson of Chicago, an international cosmetics and fragrance company. It was Valerie’s first time working in the beauty industry. Valerie’s boss, Lionel Waters, had been working with the company for 14 years. Valerie’s department worked with many different perfumers from several fragrance companies in order to develop a variety of new scent ideas. After a while, Valerie’s boss told her to work with two specific fragrance companies, and she was left wondering why they had to stop working with the other fragrance vendors, even though their products were of good quality.
Valerie Young then discovered evidence that her boss had been receiving monthly commissions from those two preferred companies totaling $35,000. She was very shocked and disappointed in her manager when she learned of the commission payments. In addition to this, Valerie also realized that the manager had hired his two best friends as executives and paid...

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