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Corporate Responsibility and Market Strategy:
Uugan-Erdene Itgel
Daniel Goldsmith
Strayer University

Corporate Responsibility and Market Strategy
Ethical and Social Responsibility of Apple
Apple is one of the giant companies in the United States and it is expected to take a firm stand on its commitment to ethical and social responsibilities. The company is committed to taking social and environmental responsibilities and conducting its business ethically. Apple suppliers ensure social and ethical responsibilities through different approaches. First, it provides safe and humanistic working condition for all the workers in the ...view middle of the document...

The organization has experts in place to determine if the supplied materials are of the required standards ensuring there are no chances of breaching the set standards.
Ethics is core in Apple and are involved parties are expected to practice ethics in the business operation, in their relations, and practices. However, corruption is highly discouraged, company information should not be disclosed and social and economic contribution is encouraged. The most vulnerable group in the Apple group is that of the student interns and there are programs in place to protect them. For instance, there is the effort to reduce the issue of excessive working hours, which was a great threat to the workers in the apple group. Apple group has tried to act responsibly and ethically bet there are still some week points. Some of the set social and ethical responsibilities have been met but others are yet to be met.
Effects of Ethics and Social Responsibility Violation
Being the one of the largest U.S. Corporation is highly observed for any unethical conduct and lack of social responsibility is a great opportunity for the competitors to take its market position. However, the company has been put on the sport light for not adhering to its social and ethical responsibilities. For instance, there have been issues of poor working condition with some of the workers opting to commit suicide than working in the company. There has also been accusation of use of child labor in its supply chain. The company is also politically involved and earns unethical benefits like tax reliefs paying less tax as compared to most of the poor Americans. It does not take a social responsibility as expected. Statistics has shown that Apple has create a million jobs in china while in U.S. it has only creates thousands of such jobs. If the company had taken a social responsibility of developing the region of operation, it would have created more jobs in the U.S. There has been a lot of criticism of the apple group for not creating jobs in the U.S. and its offshore stashed millions which are expected to invest in the U.S.
With the publication of the different violation made by the Apple’s suppliers the company has faced many negative encounters in its market performance. First, with the many organizations targeting to take the position of apple in the market it has been a base to strategies market strategies for the different competitors. The marketing strategies are crucial for the improvement of the market performance and the competitors maximize on the disadvantages of Apple it is face with high market competition (Gary, 2014). On the issue of poor working condition, high employee turnover has emerged, which is risky for the performance of the company. Taking political side has also had great impact on the performance of the organization for those of a different political opinion may change their preference for the Apple’s products.
Methods to ensure adherence to wage and benefit...

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