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Bullying Report

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Bullying Report
Theodore Ofstedahl
BSHS 325
June 30, 2014
Jennifer Munro

Bullying Report

As school counselors, understanding bullying, and dealing with bullying, will help students in many areas. Counselors need to understand the severe impact it has on its victims. Understanding bullying will remove fear, improve self-esteem, improve grades, and in worse case scenarios’ save lives. We are going to take a look at the components, and types of bullying. How does bullying affect self-esteem? What are the gender and sexual orientation influences, and the effect of family interactions?
The effects of bullying causes emotional distress, depression, fear, worry, anxiety, humiliation, ...view middle of the document...

This face-to-face bullying leads to social and emotional distress, violence and suicide. Often anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, loneliness, and poor school adjustments are the results of this type of bullying. (2010, Swearer, Espelege, Vailencourt, and Hymel).
Indirect bulling is used in the form of isolating their victim. (2011, Conflict with Character.) They refuse to socialize with the victim and further isolates their victim by bullying the victim’s friends. Isolation can be further enhanced through gossip, and spreading rumors about the victim. Spreading false rumors does damage to the victims reputation. The victim begins to feel everyone is talking behind his or her back. This form is done primarily by girls, but not limited to girls. Cyber bullying is an indirect form of bullying through technology.
The use of technology comes in the form of social media, Facebook, Twitter, and My Space. Texting with cell phones, instant messages, are also used in cyber bullying. Cyber Bullying goes beyond the schoolyard and after school activities. Cyber bullying can take place anytime, twenty-four hours a day. Targets of cyber bullying suffer equal if not greater psychological distress, because of the broad and instantaneous nature of cyber bullying. Research has found that young people who have been cyber bullied are significantly more likely to use alcohol and drugs, skip school, and experience in-person bullying or victimization. (2012, Center for Disease Control).
Another form of bullying is labeling and attacking victims because of their sexual orientation or their gender identification. The words used are faggot, dyke, sissy, queer, or lesbian. Adolescents are in the discovery stage of their sexual identity. The impact of bullying can have negative ramifications that last for years. Bullying can change the natural course of understanding their sexual orientation. This negative reinforcement can also effect fellow students and their approach to these victims due too peer pressure. This bullying creates stereotypes and homophobic behavior in others. This creates more isolation, and lower self esteem in the victim.
The bullies act out due to sociological, environmental, and developmental problems. What...

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