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Bullying Laws Essay

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A bully is defined as a person who uses superior strength to influence or intimidate another person or to force him or her to do what they want.In Zimmerman’s article on” Homophobia hurts straight men, too,” it talks about a college student who committed suicide after his roommate videotaped him and another boy having sex. Bullying can be found almost everywhere in homes, on the internet, and especially in schools. Bullying has a lot of repercussions that affect people in many ways. Recently, bullying has been blamed for the rising number of teenage suicides all over the country. No one is born to be a bully, it is a taught skill (Kropar). A victim of bullying doesn’t ask to be hurt; it’s ...view middle of the document...

These children tend to take out their frustration on their sibling hitting or teasing them. By making parents more aware of this problem, they have a better understanding of how serious this issue is and what needs to be done to help prevent bullying .
In the United States alone there have been incidents that involved school shootings due this problem. Where even kids are taking revenge by taking guns and shooting their peers and teachers because of embarrassment and humiliation that they have endured continuously. For example, the news aired a story about a boy who went to school with a gun and shot several students and a math teacher at an elementary school in Nevada just last month because of bullying. Another example, was the first public school massacre that killed a lot of people, when two boys went in heavily armed and started shooting at everyone. In a recent article posted in Civil Beat, on how “ Hawai’i schools are still struggling to help tormented kids” addresses an issue of safety for students. Despite numerous attempts by lawmakers to get a precise answer from the Department of Education on their plans with identifying and dealing with bullies in the educational system they could not give a direct response but only given a response that there was already a rule in place which was the “ Chapter 19 “ law. It still doesn’t define the response that lawmakers were looking for ( Eagles ). School shootings have been more popular on the news than a decade ago. There weren’t any cell phones, digital cameras or tablets available back then and computers weren’t as savvy as it is now. People were more friendly and respected each other’s feelings. Now, most of them don’t care as much and rather hurt others instead of being nice. School officials and lawmakers need to combine their efforts in combating this problem and agree to identify and set rules and regulations to those accused in order to protect the safety of students everywhere. A Report submitted by the Hawai’i State Department of Health discusses an alarming statistic of suicides among children between the ages of 10 to 17 years of age. In a five year period 29 deaths by suicide has been reported ( Hawai’i state review ). There were numerous reasons behind these tragedies that claimed the lives of so many youngsters. Some reasons are due to dysfunctional families, were there could be parents who...

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