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Bullying Essay

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Every day bullying incidents occur and most are ignored by parents, teachers, students, and our judicial system, when they all could be prevented. No one takes the time to stop, listen and address bullying and make them serve some type of punishment when this occurs. Most wait until it’s too late and many are threatened, injured, or even killed in schools, on buses, or in society in general. Throughout this paper, I will explain several types of incidents that have occurred and were ignored and how they were over looked by a higher authority. I will also include some ideas on how we can take further action into preventing tragedies from occurring if possible. Schools and court ...view middle of the document...

This behavior can have psychopathological consequences that may lead to violent acts and school shootings. If you search on Google about school shootings it will take you by surprise on how often bullies were the cause of many deaths. In most cases signs leading to the shootings were present but were ignored. Then everyone wants to start taking action into trying to prevent bullying after it’s too late. It doesn’t take long before they forget and it goes back to being ignored again. Bullying can be prevented but is often left ignored until it is too late for most even though bully laws are enforced. This year statistics show that from Jan 9th 2014 to June 10th 2014, there have been thirty one school shootings throughout the United States. (
Bullying is a tragedy that can occur at any age in life and is too often ignored by many who witness it. As children we go to school and are around a bunch of strangers at first, who can either be a good friend or your worst enemy. Children are more worried about fitting in and being like one another instead of focusing on their classwork or grades. Bullying can be a trending event, such as when one sees another bullying, often they will to do the same just simply to fit in among the cool kids. The child may not mean the hurtful things or acts of violence they may commit, however our media portrays us to look and act a certain way and if we don’t then we will not fit in. Children can be bullied in school by having a disability, or they may not wear name brand clothes, or may not have a lot of friends. Children feel as outcasts and try to keep to themselves to avoid being picked on. Children may start to show signs when bullying occurs such as, not wanting to go to school or by doing poorly in school. Teachers also often ignore when students are being teased and some may even say the children deserve it, if they do not like the children. Teachers even though they may not admit it, they always have their favorites and make it known to the other children, which can cause the outcast children to become depressed and overwhelmed. Throughout my child hood, I have witnessed several teachers who had turned the other cheek when children were being bullied and some even ridiculed the children as well. If the teachers and parents worked together, they can stop the bullying from getting out of hand before it is too late. The school shootings we watch on the news every month are a perfect example as to the bullying that takes place in our schools. The teachers who ignored could have prevented most instances from happening before they got out of control. As a parent it scares me to send my children to school and to trust that our teachers and schools will protect them. By having a no tolerance level when dealing with any bully incident from the beginning and put a stop to it before it becomes too late.
Children are told to just toughen up by...

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