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Buiness Plan Essay

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Target Market

The DesignerFinder expands upon the original target market of TJX stores. Target customers are typically, “middle- to upper-middle-income shopper who is fashion and value conscious and fits the same profile as a department or specialty store shopper.” The DesignerFinder appeals to the needs of this same group of shoppers. Because The DesignerFinder is a smart phone application the target market must own smart phones in order for it to be successful. With in the middle to upper-middle-income demographic that TJX already attracts 59% of people own smart ...view middle of the document...

The typical TJX shopper is conscious of current fashion trends and designers, but also aware of their budget and not looking to spend a great deal of money to look good. The DesignerFinder appeals to the needs of the middle to upper-middle-class, aged 13-45, typically female shopper. In their current advertisements they focus only the female shopper, who is shopping for herself as well as her husband and family. According to our research we approximate that of the total number of shoppers at TJX stores 45% will use The DesignerFinder. We came to this conclusion by taking many factors into account: the first being that The DesignerFinder simply might not be effective during a quick shopping trip. Some customers, specifically men, are simply looking for a high quality product and may not care about its designer label to use the application. Another small percentage of non-users will be customers who do not own smart phones and do not shop with anyone who does. However, part of the appeal of The DesignerFinder is getting a shopping advantage that other customers do not have. Therefore in order for it to keep that same sense of being an 'inside scoop' we wouldn't want more than 50% of shoppers to be using it at one time.

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