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Btec Business Essay

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Evaluating the distribution
Systems in delivering
Goods and services
For a selected organisation
My selected organisation is Tesco (food). I will evaluate the supply chain and how the distribution channels like direct channels, the retailer customer process, Wholesaler-retailer-customer process and Producer-wholesaler-retailer-customer process. I will also mention aspects such as logistics,shipping, online distribution, customer loyalty and many other channels are operated.
I will start off with how Tesco operate in direct channels in how the producer supplies or serves directly to a consumer, without any wholesalers. So ,Tesco as its direct, the channel process will be shorted ...view middle of the document...

Another operation is the retailer – customer process. This process is basically the stage where the retailers sell the foods to the customers. An important aspect of his process is customer loyalty, the customers demand good quality products, and in this case the food from Tesco’s is very important for the retailers to retain good numbers in customers. Like mentioned before Tesco must find good producers who produce good quality foods, by selling off the goods fresh and for a good price that satisfies the customers. I think that this stage is crucial for a business, of course getting the goods is important but that will mean nothing if Tesco doesn’t sell the products off to make the money. Tesco use this process well and that’s why the company is such a success, Tesco are reliable and customers have gained a good trust with the company, customers have stayed loyal to Tesco because Tesco’s supply chain has always pleased customers and honestly I think it always will please customers because the status and establishment of the company is at such a high standard.
Wholesaler-retailer-customer process is the stage when the products are packaged and sent to retailers and then sold off to customers. The main features of this stage are transportation, storage, time management and logistics. Tesco receive many foods and drinks from wholesalers such as Cereals, baked beans, soft drink bottles, alcoholic drink and so many other products. What’s important for Tesco is that the transportation is important, Tesco do this well, Tesco expect the items to arrive in good condition from wholesalers. This benefits Tesco because the wholesalers know the demands of Tesco and the wholesalers will transport the products carefully and on time. Another important feature is time, Tesco must get products on store and the wholesalers must be reliable to get the products to the retail on time. I think Tesco’s high demands benefits the whole process as the wholesalers do their jobs properly and Tesco receive the products on time to sell to the customers. In the later stage of this process is storage, this also links with the stages before which I have just mentioned. Tesco must always get storage from wholesalers, that is vital for the success of the company, Tesco have found reliable wholesalers to benefit the company’s storage, the...

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