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Bst 12513 Individual Report

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For this project, it wants us to explain the users’ needs and requirements in a building and its built environment in which we chosen. Also, it needs us to identify and describe the conditions of the elements, structures, components and its accessories. In addition, it aims to improve our analytical and communication skills. As a result, I was inspired from the objectives and get a lot of useful information from my buildings of the project.

There are 3 main types of data in which I collected from the project. First is the basic information of the building. We went to the place for site visit. Then we use ruler or tape measure to indicate the parts of the building, such as the height of ...view middle of the document...

So I have done everything in a wrong way instead of working hard and cooperating with group mates to finish the assignment or project. After entering the university, everything is changed. Almost all the works in university are projects even some of the projects are required to form a group in more than 10 people. So I feel everything is different compare to the previous tasks in secondary school. In this project, I need to find 14 people to form a project group to do the work.

First, I must find my group mates. Because of the project is started at the beginning of the semester, we still did not know each other. So I needed to make new friends to form the group and I started to know the classmates who are next to me. After a long time, I have paid effort to find all group mates at the end of lesson. We switched mobile phone number each other, and decided when should we start the project. Through this process, I have learnt that the school network is important for future school works. I must make more friends to broaden my network.

When I asked my group mates to come out to talk about the project, I found that it is a difficult matter for us to find a time to come out together because they have different class schedules even we have dated for several time but still not successful, so we must used the holiday time to talk about the division of the project. Through this process, I have learnt that it is imperative for me to have a good time management because I must use my personal time in public works in some situation. And I must set a time schedule for my personal time in order to have the time to do the work no matter in project or personal assignment.

Third, when I started to do the research for my project, I think that I can finish it in the way of searching data...

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