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Bshs/305 Helping Field Essay

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Why enter the helping field

Introduction to Human Services
University of Phoenix

Those working in human service have specialized training, whether earned through school or on the job, as a helping professional. You could hold a variety of positions, whether in residential care, correctional facilities, homeless shelters and food banks, substance abuse programs, organizations dedicated to children and families, poverty and employment services, child and elder care operations, mental health agencies and domestic violence efforts. Your role may include helping others obtain ...view middle of the document...

Often, paraprofessionals are part of a team that includes professional social workers, psychiatrists or doctors
Despite the rewards, there are real challenges for those working in human services. When you enter the field, there is significant pressure on you to develop appropriate boundaries with those you help. It's an important balancing act that everyone must walk. Your supervisor will help you learn how much of your own personal life is appropriate to share in the workplace. Just as everyone has different boundaries, many people have different lifestyles and values than yours. For some, there might be a challenge in working so closely with those who live differently, which could be the result of education, economics, culture or values. Regardless, human service workers must learn to help others without being judgmental. You may work with individuals who need services because of disability, inappropriate behavior or family patterns. These are difficult things to overcome, and it can be a long time before the benefits of your work are realized. Patience is a needed trait for the field. In addition, people receiving human services often are part of a larger system, such as the state or workfare. Maneuvering these systems can be slow and frustrating, but possible to manage when your eye is kept on the goal.

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