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Bsa 362 Week 2 Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods currently has three sites connected via a T3 dedicated line connecting all three stores as seen in this diagram on Kudler’s Intranet

Our goal in this project is to.
* Design a WAN to tie all three KFF locations together. Make the internal network configuration in each store a WLAN, and add VOIP to the multi-store network.
* Define which store will house the central servers.
* Design the network to be expandable beyond the existing stores.

The current specifics of the setup is as follows.

La Jolla Store : ...view middle of the document...

2 Cisco routers and firewalls, Inter-store Network, 25 mb Ethernet. 6 VOIP phones per store.

La Jolla Diagram :

Del Mar, Encinitas Stores (same set up)

I find no current issues with the hardware, although I do believe software can be a small issue. The corporate SAP ERP SW software, should be available to the management at the other three stores as well. The standards that would apply to this system and the next system will of course be IEEE 802x depending on if the company has or will invest in developing their own standards. For the purpose of the project the hardware is adequate, for the time being. Setting the system up to be expandable will not be an issue beyond cost of hardware. From the markup of the current system it is obvious that La Jolla will house the central servers of the new system. SONET 51.8Mbps (OC-1) for the WAN, for the WLAN we will need to purchase hardware but it will be IEEE 802.11 standards (Wifi).

All diagram’s via Kudler’s Intranet

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