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British Petroleum Runs The Social Media Gauntle

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British Petroleum Runs the Social Media Gauntle



Case Study
British Petroleum Runs the Social Media Gauntlet

Company Background
British Petroleum is Public Limited Company established in 1954. BP is one of the TOP global oil and gas corporations in the world. It provides many products like carrying fuel; buy and sell services, power for heat and luminosity and petrochemicals products for day to day use items. It is on 3rd ranking, 1st and 2nd are held by Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell. The headquarter of British petroleum is in London, United ...view middle of the document...

British Petroleum’s hard work to talk via social media month after the explosion and oil leak were not prized by the public and the the world. BP try to draw awareness by trade some search stipulations as “oil spill” on the Google and other search engines and tried to make certain positive position of all the links to the link sponsored to promote the cleanup efforts of the company. This action by company to overcome and bootstrap the presence of social media by trading notice of people over internet was not seen as un-authentic.

Challenge Faced By British Petroleum
* On April 20, 2010 leak took place in deep sea of Gulf of Mexico as result of that lots of crude oil spilled in to the sea. That extinct the marine life of the sea and contaminated the water bodies. That led in to a big test how to deal with this pollution from being increase but it was not possible to end it because it was by now in water of the sea.
* Many persons were at work on their sea plant and due to this lots of populace lost their life and many people were injured. 10 people lost their life and 18 got injured. BP were well well-versed about the spill before a month but they were not replying to that and thus it resulted in to a big disaster.
* Finally the leak stopped up on July 15, 2010 after releasing about 6 million barrels of crude oil. The cause of the outbreak was due to their lack of care. And that scarce Gulf Coast fisheries and Gulf of Mexico ecosystems.
* This is flare-up is recorded as the biggest accidental oceanic oil spill out in the narration of the gasoline industry.
* The figure and Good will of the company was fully damaged because the CEO apologised very late.
* People knew the reality but still they were trying to invest lots of financial capital to get better their image. Rather than serving the people who were affected.
* The CEO of the business was not taking full charge of the loss and people were posting their anger through the public media sites this thing they were not able to control.
* Thus following were the challenges faced when the oil spill took places.

* Social media force started month after the spill was announced, there was huge hold-up in response
* Co. bought promotional placement on Google and yahoo which is a un ethical way of hiding information
* Co. spent 51 million to TV ad to up their image rather than helping effected people or cleaning up mess
* Avoided taking complete blame of oil spill showed there half hearted move
* Hayward changed his announcement, he did not acknowledged the fact that he is responsible for this spill
* CEO confession through YouTube was criticized by public.

* BP used their twitter account for broadcasting fairly instead of using it as public engagement, it was one way communication
* Account made against bp had 11 times more follower than their own account
* Anti face book account came up showing...

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