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Bringing Western Culture To South Korea Via Nursing Home, Plastic Surgery, Clothing And Makeup

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Western Plaza Inc.
Bringing Western Culture to South Korea via Nursing Home, Plastic Surgery, Clothing and Makeup
Jacob Schwarz

Executive Summary
My reason for writing this study is to determine the feasibility of building a nursing/retirement home, a plastic surgery outpatient center, and a cosmetic and clothing store in Seoul, South Korea. In my opinion, South Korea is welcoming to this venture; this can be seen in the upcoming research.
In this report, I explore the geography of Seoul, South Korea. I learn of the growing, large, population and the population density of 45,000 people per square mile (“Population Statistics,” 2013). Next, I review the demographics and find out that ...view middle of the document...

To understand the success of a country, one has to understand the role it plays with technology, in my opinion. South Korea is a world leader in Internet speeds, innovation, and Smartphone usage among its citizens (McCurry, 2014). The country also allocates some of the highest percentages of public funds to assist in the innovation of new technologies (“Globalization,” n.d.). Five percent of South Korea’s gross domestic product contributes to the knowledge of science and technologies (“Viewing South Korea-The Role of Science and Technology,” n.d.). Though South Korea may have the fastest speeds, there are still privacy concerns with these technologies (OSAC, 2014). There are issues with freedom of speech to compromised information issues (OSAC, 2014).
I go over a risk assessment where I highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a potential business venture in South Korea. It is fair to say that after my research I have concluded that South Korea is a safe, low-crime country (OSAC, 2014). The roads are safe (OSAC, 2014), and the medical care is up-to-date (OSAC, 2014). The aging population demands a translucent solution, which allows families to leave for the city, and not worry about loved ones (Seo, Choi, & Park, 2010).
After looking at the aging population, I highlight cultural differences between the western and Korean culture. I review etiquette in Korea; knowledge of this is essential, in my opinion.
Lastly, I review the impact of Western culture on the South Korean society. I describe the demand for plastic surgery, cosmetics, and western clothing in South Korea. These all result in a successful business venture for Western Plaza Inc., in my opinion. I show a feasibility analysis of this venture and conclude my research with a realistic overview of my concluding recommendations, and why I believe Western Plaza Inc. can experience great success in Seoul, South Korea.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
Table of Contents 4
Vision Statement 5
Mission Statement 5
Statement of Values 5
Literature review 6
History and International Relations 6
Geography 6
Demographics 6
Religion 6
Education 7
Economy 8
Housing Market 8
Climate 9
Technology 9
Privacy Concerns with Technology 10
Risk Assessment 10
United States Military in Korea 12
Free Trade Agreement 12
Road Safety 13
Medical Care 13
Social Welfare 14
Aging Population 14
Culture Shock as Compared to Western Culture 14
Etiquette 15
Western Influence Culture 15
Western-look Plastic Surgery in South Korea 16
Cosmetics in South Korea 17
Feasibility Analysis 17
Concluding Recommendations 18
References 20
Appendices 23
Appendix A – Downtown Seoul, South Korea at Night 23
Appendix B – Pie Chart Depicting Religious Choices in South Korea 23
Appendix C – Graphical Representation of Wireless Broadband Subscriptions per 100 Inhabitants 24
Appendix D – Photographical Representation of the Before and After Effects on...

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