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Bright Or Gloomy Horizon? Essay

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The world has always been filled with all kinds of threats and even though efforts have been made to reduce and prevent them, they cannot be completely eliminated. At present I see the future from global perspective to be quite gloomy. There are a number of significant threats raising their heads. All the economic crises we have face are among the lowest worries. Downturns as well as upturns will always be, but after all they are only temporary. As well these crises are only about money. When talking about global threats I would draw more attention to population growth and resource depletion. The combination of these two can have, and I believe that they will have devastating ...view middle of the document...

Wars and armed conflicts are also not encouraging domestic and foreign investors to make investments, but investments are channeled into more stable countries. Wars and conflicts throughout history have spread illnesses and diseases that have also spread to the civilian population. During the First World War era, the Spanish flu killed estimates, 50-100 million people. In addition to diseases the weapons used in wars, in particular, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, cause health risks. Biological weapons are prohibited in most of the world, because they are considered to be particularly cruel, causing unnecessary suffering and are uncontrolled weapons. My major concern when considering the future is especially these weapons of mass destruction. Chemical, biological and nuclear weapons are designed to kill large numbers of people. Proliferation of these weapons is considered as a major threat. That is why almost all countries have signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which prohibits the acquisition of nuclear weapons. However, it does not stand up, because all the countries, which have the ability to develop nuclear weapons, have not joined the agreement. India, Pakistan and North Korea are under the terms of non-member countries and all of them are either having or suspected to have nuclear weapons. Movies placed in future, where large pandemics are ruling the world and numbers of people are dying leaving behind whole empty cities, maybe are not far from reality.

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