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Brief Introduction Of Oracle E Business Suite

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Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), also commonly known as Oracle Applications, is a suite of business applications made up of a large number of distinct software modules. Some of the modules are: Oracle Financials, Oracle CRM, Oracle Supply Chain Application, Oracle Logistics, Oracle Order Management and Human Resources (HRMS). Oracle EBS includes the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) product as well as supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Each application is licensed separately so companies can select the combination that is suitable for their business processes. Oracle E-Business Suite offers flexible business solutions for different sizes of companies, which is a significant strength.
1, Large-sized Companies
Large-size companies in the favor of Oracle EBS because of the powerful functions of this software. For example, Oracle ...view middle of the document...

For some large merchandising companies, such as Amazon and Wal-Mart, these modules will help them to manage their merchandises accurately and effectively.
2, Medium-sized Companies
Oracle offers a variety of products, technologies and services not only for large enterprises but also for businesses with smaller budgets. For example, the latest Oracle E-Business Suite R12 version offers more than 2,350 new features, half of them designed for individual industries. Midsize customers choose the Oracle E-Business Suite because of its robust capabilities, flexibility and scalability to support their current needs and future growth with a lower total cost of ownership. For example, Oracle Human Resource Management System (HRMS) application helps companies manage the recruit-to-retire process. The application gives users a real-time view of all the HR activities, including recruiting, time management, training, compensation, benefits and payroll. The HRMS suite integrates fully with the other EBS applications and supplies the users with an analytics package that allows the extraction of HR data with ease. A good MRMS system not only supplies useful information for a company to make sensible choice, but also reduces unnecessary expenses, which is very important for growing companies.
There are also some weaknesses of Oracle EBS. For example, Oracle’s best of breed approach, can allow for flexibility to accommodate changing business needs, but this strength can become a weakness when it becomes harder to enforce standardized processes across a larger organization. However, just as a Chinese old saying goes, “One flaw cannot obscure the splendor of the jade”, Oracle EBS is still a good choice when a company needs an ERP product.
In conclusion, Oracle’s ERP product is second only to SAP in sales and its best of breed solution can be found in thousands of companies across the world. The industry-specific solutions supplied by Oracle can easily reduce time and resources required to implement the solution and provide businesses with configured business processes that will improve overall effectiveness.

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