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Bribery Scandal Essay

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For this assignment our learning team discussed the Bribery Scandal at Siemens AG. As a group we analyzed the case and conducted additional research to answer critical questions in each key section. Supported by the course material and supplemental articles, the team compiled the research that discussed Internet technologies, affective technologies in management development strategies, global alliances and provided recommendations on cross border operations.
Key issues
Analysis of the Siemens case resulted in several key issues which explained the bribery scandal. Lack of leadership is the primary cause for the Siemens representatives convicted of bribery in 2007. The intention of the ...view middle of the document...

Without an organized structure or management, no online site or technology can prevail. In order to supply demand, we need to first create it than manage it. Leadership and management come into play here to make sure the customer relationships, the banking aspect are all in place. When talking about global alliances, it is so important to keep cost down and keep relations expanding. Transferring bribes and illegal actions goes into ethics and online the same rules do apply.
Use the Internet to expand global operations
In order for an organization to expand globally, advances in technology has to provide a seamless transition for innovation and continue to work as a means to advance the consumer. Cases of technological developments are necessary to build strategic alliances across industries.
The ability to grow rapidly in areas of an organization in which there are no direct references expertise or manufacturing capabilities are all made open communications via the internet. Although the Internet is a global medium, a company is still faced with the same set of decisions regarding how much its products or services can be “globalized” or how much they must be “localized” to national or regional markets. In the Siemens case, the goal by 1990 was to restructure the company into smaller sectors that could operate in a global market. As a dominant company in the industry, the information system created to boost its earnings and power generation through increased business in volume that allowed the benefits of synergy.

According to (Zoltan, 2011), the Internet allows clear opportunity for synergy and culture development of an organization. The focus on commitment and stimulation of high performance standards are the foundation for achieving global success to execute change that produces the best long-term results, despite challenges. As Siemens grew to one of the largest electrical engineering companies in the world, with operations in over 190 countries and 400,000 employees around the world, the Internet played a key role in the bribe scandal as funds were transferred and...

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