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Bribery Essay

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Research Methodology

• Title
A study of the effect of bribery and corruption with lack of censorship in the governmental institution
There are various reasons why corruption takes place and takes hold. Sometimes it is due to the fact that officials are simply not paid very much and so they need to supplement their salaries with money from bribes. Sometimes the bureaucratic system is set up in such a way that officials simply refuse to carry out their duties unless they are ‘encouraged’ by being offered bribes. In other cases it is actually part of the tradition and culture of a country to give and receive ‘gifts’ in order to get anything done. In some cases companies from less ...view middle of the document...

 Another reason that people permit themselves to be bribed is that the practice of friendship and informal associations coexist with the more formal and impartial systems of duty, rights and justice.

1- Companies should identify ways to raise the employees’ income.
2- Companies must follow the FCPA Foreign Corrupt Practices Act law to avoid such issues (2, 3).
3- People must avoid involving friendship with work.

• Significant of the study:
o This study is how people get involved in bribery in different ways and how they get penalties also how the companies face such problems and solve them.
o The benefits of this, is how companies and employees as well as the government avoid such issue and how it improves and raises the economy. Also keep the integrity and reputation for all sides.

• Literature Review Outline
o Discussion on various practices of getting bribery.
o Discussion on the consequences and effects bribery in the work place between the giver and the receiver.
o Discussion on the effects on the economy and the reputation of the company

There are various reasons why corruption takes place and takes hold. Sometimes it is due to the fact that officials are simply not paid very much and so they need to supplement their salaries with money from bribes. Sometimes the bureaucratic system is set up in such a way that officials simply refuse to carry out their duties unless they are ‘encouraged’ by being offered bribes. In other cases it is actually part of the tradition and culture of a country to give and receive ‘gifts’ in order to get anything done. In some cases companies from less corrupt countries allegedly engage in bribery in order to do business in countries where corruption is the norm, otherwise they would not be able to operate successfully in those countries. It can be argued that if such companies did not bribe officials in the necessary countries then the economies of those countries would suffer because fewer companies would invest in them, thus making them poorer. On a smaller scale corruption is often just a result of people’s natural desire to ‘beat the system’. Mostly, corruption occurs in environments where it is tolerated and where the temptation is too strong to resist. In the following paragraph there are some examples of how bribes take place in each and every one of them. The enormous scale of grand corruption in Peru was revealed in 2000 by discoveries leading to the resignation and self–exile of the president, Alberto Fujimori. Video–taped evidence showed that Vladimir Montesano’s, Fujimori’s spy chief, had repeatedly bribed congressmen to defect to Fujimori’s party to ensure its majority in congress. In addition, large bribes had enabled Montesano’s to control most of the media and influence the judiciary. However, Fujimori is credited with having reduced petty corruption. His administration pursued policies reducing the role of government, which he justified not only on...

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