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These set questions touch on medical history including if they have had any breast biopsies, genetics, age, menstrual cycles, history of breast cancer within the family (who – mother, aunty, grandma) and race. This process outlines certain factors that contribute to being at risk of breast cancer and are readily available online for women. Having this set up online not only is easy to use but it makes it easy for women to access without going through the ...view middle of the document...

The triple test – is the three tests highly recommended for doctors to use when checking for abnormalities in the breast or change in the breast. Though not all women will need all three parts, it is dependant on the circumstance.

Better health channel (2015) outlines the three tests are:
- A clinical breast examination and taking a personal history
- Imaging tests (mammogram, ultrasound and/or MRI)
- A biopsy to remove cells or tissue for examination

Department of health (2013) explains BreastScreen Australia is a government-funded, national breast cancer-screening program that offers mammography screening. This is particularly aimed at women at ages 50-69 years of age and they are routinely reminded to get their mammogram re-done every two years. BreastScreen Australia uses mammograms as it is the only proven technology to detect breast cancer and it is also the most effective screening test to detect. There are over 500 free screening locations Australia wide including some mobile units, which accommodate to the rural areas of Australia.

Every day 7 women die in Australia from breast cancer on average. Early detection of breast cancer is the only way to increase the survival rate and this is through the testing mechanisms of mammograms

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