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Bread V Butter Essay

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Bread vs. Butter
Malnutrition has always been a part of our country’s dilemmas. It poses numerous threats to the health and welfare of our fellow Filipinos, and also our nation’s future. Its two main forms are undernutrition, which is extremely evident among impoverished communities, and overnutrition, also a severe case which people tend to overlook. Eradicating these elements of malnutrition can be very difficult, especially for a third world country like the Philippines. However, overnutrition, which is manifested in either an overweight or ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, the article takes its claims from a study by the US National Institutes of Health which was published in a scientific journal named Cell Metabolism. The results showed that reducing fat intake can be beneficial for those who aspire to trim their weight. Also, the methodology of the study and its limitations were visibly mentioned. This would be very helpful to readers, specifically to those who would want to lose weight and to those who would want to exceed the stated limitations and further refine the research. Lastly, the addition of a commentary from an expert in nutrition and dietetics in University of Oxford which states that the best diet for losing weight is the diet that one can manage and stick to, whether it may be for fat or carbohydrate intake reduction, flawlessly sealed the article.
In conclusion, the article written by Jonathan O’Callaghan entitled “Low Fat Diets could be better for Weight Loss than Cutting Carbs” was a well-written, well-versed piece. It informs the readers who seek to shed some weight, and encourages scientists and researchers who can and wish to improve the study in which the article is solely based on.

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