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Branding Strategy Essay

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1. Introduction

Brands are more than just names and symbols. Brand represents consumers’ perceptions and feelings about a product and its performance-everything that the product or service means to consumers. The real value of a strong brand is its power to capture consumer preference and loyalty. In a cluttered, competitive market place, the brand elements that make up the brand will have to do more and more of the selling job. In a time- compressed marketing world the fact that brand name can be noticed and its meaning registered or activated in memory within just a few seconds is a tremendous asset and provide a firm with a strong competitive advantage. Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. is the ...view middle of the document...

As a student of major in Marketing, a private bank has been chosen to conduct internship. This program has given the opportunity to experience how they grow their effectiveness of their brand in an established organization. In order to achieve this objective internship program has carried out at Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.. During the 3month internship program, job was assigned to general banking department, Branch Office at Mirpur to observe the practical scenario of banking operations. The report topic- “Analyzing the strategies of creating brand image of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd” was assigned by the respectable supervisor of the host organization and was approved by the honorable faculty supervisor to satisfy both the organization requirements as well as the partial fulfillment of academic requirement.

1.2 Scope of the Report
The scope of the report is confined to the Dhaka City at Mirpur area. The survey was conducted on the customers who already open an account in Mutual Trust Bank Ltd and the employees who has been working there. The report is the consisted analysis of effectiveness of brand image of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. In the report all those information were ignored which are confidential and not for public dissemination. The total banking operation of MTBL in Bangladesh could not be observed significantly in the report.

2.3 Objective of the Study
1.3.1 General objective:
The prime objectives of this study are to analysis strategy of MTBL for creating brand image of their product as well as bank.
1.3.2 Specific Objectives:
* To explain the meaning of brand and way to create a strong brand image.
* To represent the unique features provided by Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. to its clients and how they perceived those.
* To find out the perfect strategy for the brand image of MTBL.

2.4 Methodology
Methods are followed to perform a job or conducting activities to complete a task. Methodology of this research consists of following aspects.

2.5.1 Type of Research

This study is a Descriptive type of research in nature that briefly reveals the level of effectiveness of brand image of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. Both qualitative and quantitative data used to fulfill the research purpose. Collection of primary and secondary data has been required for the analysis.

1.4.2 Sources of Data
In order to attain the objective of the study, all-necessary information are collected and prepared by using both Primary and Secondary sources of data. Primary Sources of Data
Primary data were collected from firsthand experience. Secondary Sources of Data
Secondary data means published data and the data collected in the past or by other parties. Some secondary data also collected to make the report more structural.

1.4.3 Data Collection Procedure
Following techniques have followed for collection of data- Primary Data
The topic of this research mainly requires collection of...

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