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Brand Positioning

Samsung, once known to be the low-quality service provider of all time is now one of the leading mobile companies of the world. Having said that, we can see how it all comes down to proper brand positioning and innovation, which takes a brand to its zenith.

After having its share of booms and slumps, Samsung came up with new ideas to be more customer-focused and creative in order to establish a strong brand image in the global market. Rather than making normal or usual handset devices, they started to produce smartphones to catch up with their competitors. Their main strategy was to provide the best quality products in order to meet their customers’ expectation.

They have been constantly redesigning and introducing new series of products, ...view middle of the document...

Samsung doesn’t target any specific segment of the market, but mostly seem to serve the high-end people of the society, for e.g. – business people, young adults.

When it comes to competition, we have noticed how Samsung has been in fierce competition with Apple over the last few years. There were even rumors of Samsung replicating the product design or specifications of Apple. Even though the dispute has settled down, the competition still remains to exist between the two rivals.

Through constant innovation and introduction of new technologies, Samsung has been trying to establish their point of parity. The features of their mobile phone are the crucial part of their parity, for e.g. – introduction of galaxy phone.Talking about the point of differentiation, recently we have seen Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S6 with a curved screen; which is a very new concept in this mobile sector and none of the other companies have so far been able to introduce such a new concept. Samsung seems to be the pioneer in this criterion and have done something off the hook.

Overall the performance of this brand seems to be very impressive in terms of popularity, revenue and the contribution they are making to the mass public by offering their products. Nevertheless, I would still like to recommend an improvement regarding one of their major drawbacks, which Samsung still doesn’t seem to have overcome. Even though Samsung claimed they don’t actually make their customers a wall hugger, in reality actually they do. Hence, they should focus more on these specifications so that consumers don’t get the chance to switch brands in the blink of an eye.

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