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Brand Management Essay

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Social Costs of Migration

Migration is not something new among Filipinos. Initially, migration was for contractual Filipino engineers and/or doctors whose expertise was needed in other countries – mostly in the Middle East.

At present, however, some Filipino workers choose to be underemployed in foreign countries for any the following reasons: Foreign employers pay better than Filipino employers; there are better job opportunities overseas; a lot of the companies in the Philippines are full and do not accept new employees; to be able to provide for the family’s needs, etc. The expected gap in the income between developed countries and the country of origin is a motivation for workers to migrate (Vargas-Silva, 2011).

The negative effects of migration will be discussed in this paragraph. First, these migrants ...view middle of the document...

Fourth, Filipino migrants often face racial discrimination and degradation at all stages of the migration process from the processing of papers to the process of working abroad (GMG, 2010). Fifth, there are employers abroad who are very abusive – may it be physically, sexually, or verbally.

There are, however, positive effects of migration as well. First, the OFW is able to make more money abroad than he/she will ever do here in the Philippines given his/her kind of employment. In relation to the first positive effect, the second is that the Filipino migrant is able to meet the needs of his/her family back here in the Philippines. Third, the migrant is able to widen his/her horizon by being exposed to a different culture from what he/she experienced while growing up in his/her hometown.

There are many more negative and positive effects of migration among Filipino workers, but the negative will always outweigh the positive – in this case, at least. It is better for Filipinos to be nationalistic and offer his/her skills for the development of the Philippines. By doing so, the Philippines can be competitive and will finally have a chance to be a developed country.


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