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Brand Audit On Samsung Essay

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Samsung is a leading name in consumer electronics ,especially in the smartphone industry today.Originating from South Korea,the company has established a strong presence worldwide.A company with an extremely diversified portfolio,Samsung has a complex brand to manage.We conducted a comprehensive assessment of how the company has performed overall as a brand.

Our Survey
We conducted a survey on people from various countries.The idea was to find out what an average consumer of gadgets thinks about Samsung.We asked them questions on their profile,age,gender,where they purchase consumer electronics and what are the factors they consider while making the purchase.Our results are utilized in ...view middle of the document...

This series gave competition to Apple’s (Samsung’s biggest competitor in smartphones) sub brand i.e the Iphone.

Product Categories and Brand Structure
Before we look at the brand structure,we shall briefly describe the product categories that Samsung is directly or indirectly selling.The business of the Samsung Group is diversified across five distinct industries and divisions: Electronics, Heavy Industry and Engineering, Financial Services, Chemical, and Other, which includes Shilla Resorts and Hotels and BioLabs.

The main focus of Samsung is the electronics division which contains the following seven product categories: Mobile Phones, PC/Tablets, Television, Audio/Video, Home Appliances, IT and Mobile Communication, and Device Solution. Samsung has developed many products across the product categories. In the Mobile Phone category Samsung has introduced the Galaxy and Galaxy Gear Smart Phones, in addition to offering older style flip phones and tracfones. In the PC/Tablet category, Samsung has carried the Galaxy name over to its Tablet, and Samsung also offers a more traditional laptop called the ATIV. In the Television category, Samsung does not offer different product names, but instead offers different television types, like the Plasma TV, OLED TV, or the UHD TV. In the Audio/Video category, Samsung offers Blu-Ray players and various home theater and wireless sound systems. In the IT and Mobile Communication category, Samsung offers primarily networking and imaging devices. In the Device Solution category, Samsung offers Memory Cards and LED lights for consumers as well as electronic devices.
Throughout these sections,Samsung sells the products under its company name .As mentioned earlier,the only sub brands that have been introduced are in the smartphone category.

Brand Elements
Samsung utilizes many elements for its brand, including spokespersons, event sponsorships, taglines, and their own website to raise their brand awareness. One of their biggest marketing stunts so far was the sponsorship of Olympics since 1998.Samsung’s logo is featured prominently on their website, which is simply Samsung also brands their products with a variation of the logo featured on their website.Samsung employs different people for the different geographic regions in which they compete. In India, Samsung’s spokesperson is Priyanka Chopra, who is an Indian film actress and singer. In Australia, Samsung has Olympic swimmer James Magnussen as a brand spokesperson. In the United States, Samsung signed deal with music artist Jay-Z to purchase one million digital copies of his latest album to give away to Samsung customers. Jay-Z also appeared in commercials for Samsung.
Samsung also utilizes taglines for many of its product offerings. For the Galaxy smart phones, Samsung utilizes the tagline “The next big thing is here” to convey the message that their product will be the next item that every person will want to have. Samsung also...

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