Branches Of Government Essay

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Branches of Government

Branches of Government
America’s forefathers found it necessary to divide governmental power to ensure that history could not repeat itself; to protect the United States from being controlled by one ruler or a king. The forefathers established three branches of government to manage the enactment of important legislation. While diversity in political preference and views can create obstacles, it can also find compromising ground and come together for the greater good of the country. Law is a living thing, constantly changing as society evolves. The three branches of government: judicial, legislative, and executive were put into place to provide America with a ...view middle of the document...

The divisions of power; judicial, legislative, and executive, are the branches of government that make the laws. These branches vary greatly based upon their political views and their idea of what is best for the country. These differences can often create obstacles in deciding which laws to push forward and which to table. What the legislative branch feels is best for the people could be overthrown by the judicial branch by ruling that it is not within the people’s rights as outlined in the Constitution. The executive branch will either approve and pass or veto the law all together. If the president were to veto, Congress still has the option, at this point, to dominate and overrule a veto as long as two thirds vote to pass the law. Because the different branches encompass members from different political parties, their views and beliefs are going to differ. These differences are the obstacles that impact our legislation.
The obstacle is more evident in the process of how a bill becomes a law. First, a bill is introduced and assigned to a committee and then a subcommittee. These committees are all working to improve the greater good of a specific area or jurisdiction. Because of this, what is best for one area may not be what is best for another? For example, the immigration issue which may not directly affect people in the northern states as much as it may affect people in the southern states. The majority of bills introduced, do not make it through committee due to lacking importance and or are inadequately prepared. The subcommittees then hold meetings and mark up the bill. If approved by the full committee, the full committee reports the bill to the House or Senate and it is place on the calendar. At this point, the House and the Senate review, debate, and vote on the bill. Obstacles can arise here because the member presenting the bill does not have to agree with the bill. If the member delivering the bill doesn’t believe in the bill or is not particularly fond of the bill, the member can secretly request that the bill be disregarded at a later time and still appear as though they did everything within their power in support of the bill. It the House and Senate do not reach an agreement on the bill; the bill is then forwarded to a conference committee to settle the differences. The bill is returned the House and Senate who then presents the bill to the President for a final sign off.
The purpose of the debate on whether to have a strong national government or allow states to take the power was to rectify the flaws of the Articles of Confederation. For example, the articles did not give enough power for the government to tax the people. Every debate has two sides and this was no small debate. The winning compromise would become the greatest power the world has ever seen. The first obstacle seen to overcome was the...

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