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Brain Studies Essay

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There are numerous ways in studying methods of the brain. It ranges from electrical and chemical stimulation, recordings of the electrical activity from the brain, scanning and imaging techniques, and so on. The effects of electrical and chemical stimulation take place within different places in the brain that selectively affect specific psychological processes as well as psychologically active medications; anesthetics and recreational ...view middle of the document...

Small amounts of psychologically active chemicals can be injected into small parts of the brain. These experimental ways have helped identify the location and function of brain systems that carry out the effects of these chemicals. Through electrical stimulation, we can only stimulate the desired part of the brain.
The advances in technology have made it possible to study the internal work of the brain without having to cut into an individual’s skull. The brain scanning is the mechanical and electrical measurements of the specific activates of the brain. One example I am familiar with of a scanning technique is the MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging. It uses a magnetic field in which the individual’s head is put in place. The radio waves aimed in the brain cause certain atoms within the brain to emit signals which the computer picks up. These studying techniques can distinguish between closely related brain structures.
There are a variety of procedures that are used to study the functions of different areas in the brain. Some are old methods and “outdated,” and some are the most recent and frequently used. These methods help us to study the localization of the functional areas of the brain.

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