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Both Parents Should Have Equal Responsibility For Raising Their Children

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Marriage is a new stage in the life of each one which is based on sharing everything in the couple’s life. It is a company but in a different concept from the business point of view. Every decision, step, or event happens in the house should be informed to each participant in this house. Normally, it becomes commonly shared between people that mothers are the first school from which children can form their manners and behaviors. However, fathers can teach their children better to be responsible and brave, teach them to be wise in taking decisions, and help the child to have a peaceful environment in the house. For the previous reasons, fathers should have equal importance in teaching their ...view middle of the document...

Even though I agree that mother should give her son/daughter a sense of tenderness to keep the children lean when they deal with people, however, father’s role in upbringing is a vital element in building the child’s personality.
The second reason why the father is an essential part of raising up the child is that the father, and generally the man, is known for his wisdom. In fact, this feature of the father gives him the superiority over the mother when dealing in any problem that could arise within the house either with his wife or with his children. Mothers are known for their emotional way of decision-making process. Therefore, children should learn from their fathers to be more logical and rational and to clarify their minds from anything that could affect their decision.
Finally, the third and most important reason that explains the obvious role of father in raising up his children is that when any child sees and notes the collaboration and fantastic agreement between his/her father and mother in the opinions they adopt, which will end in the child’s sake, he will grow in a peaceful environment and he will be a psychologically balanced person. He will realize the participatory effect from each of his parents and that no one controls the other’s opinions and decisions.
In conclusion, women should share with their husbands the responsibility to participate in raising up their child and be complementary to each other, in order for the child to become a balanced and with strong personality

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