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Book Review: The Rich Nations And The Poor Nations (1962)

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" The Rich Nations and the Poor Nations (1962), which President Lyndon Johnson remarked "excites and inspires me" and Adlai Stevenson found "exceedingly important," was described in the New York Times Book Review by Eric F. Goldman as "wondrously lucid, richly informed and trenchantly argued, tough-minded but never failing to assume that intelligence and will can move human society forward."
An enlightening book by Barbara Ward namely “The Rich Nation and The Poor Nation” talks about the differentiation of countries toward each other. The book has six (6) chapters: The Rich Nations, The Poor Nations, Communism Blue Print, The Economics of Development, The Politics of Development, ...view middle of the document...

This revolution has its roots in two profound traditions of western society: the Greek view of law ad the Judeo-Christian vision of souls all equal in the sight of God. The law of the Greek highlighted the “rights of man” in terms of his rights against a dangerously sovereign government over the history. Christian metaphysics during the middle ages was called the dramatic sense of equality –innate, metaphysical and independent of the vanities of class race or culture. In western civilization emerges a dominant position in society of men groups who have political break through in any other civilization. Historically, countries are dominated by a political leader, monopolized by the court and merchants and laborers are of necessity. We do not see the end of equality of men for we do not know what the ultimate stage of equality may be. But wed do know that the leaven of equality has worked through the every stratum of our society emancipation new classes and letting loose new political forces onto the great stage of history. Secondly, the idea of progress, the possibility of material change leading to a better world, here and know. The emphasis on the goods and opportunities of this worldliness is another force and work of this world. These ideas are inherit in Greek thought, Judaism and Christianity. From the laws, religions and belief presents the idea of progress of being able to see hope ahead, of getting forward, and of working for a better future here and now. As for the respect on material things, merchants have a respected responsibility on this idea. This tribal concept of the nation had extremely important effects on both in the development of the modern economy and in the development of the Western relations with the rest of the world. Merchants moved on with all the more vigor and all the more drive because they were competing with other nations who were developing their own markets in the same sense. The westerner trade turned- rulers in Asia took their fierce exclusive nationalism to into societies still loosely united as imperial state. Settling down to make money and trade, they began to spur local peoples to think in the same sense. Material progress and equality have been the great spurs to nationalism throughout the colonial world, and the reasons is simply that it was in the mood of national self-assertion and economic advantage that Westerners established and maintained their rule. Third revolutionary idea is the biological revolution. In the West, the explosion of birth rate has proved a boost to growth, to wealth, and to economic development. As population grew the economy could grow with it. Stating many historical facts, the whole economic growth and growth in population have gone together in the West. That they have not done so in the East is one of the world’s great problems. But on the contrary, an expanding manpower, absorbed into an expanding economic system, has provided labor for the production of goods and a...

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