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Book Review Jack Welch Winning

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Author’s Biography:
Jack Welch started his career with the GE in 1960, and in 1981 became the
company’s 8th chairman and CEO. During his term, GE’s market assets got
increased by whopping $400 billion, making it most valuable corporation of the
His honest,unique style of management and rules became the desired standards
in business, with his continuous focus on people, teamwork, and profits. This
book answeres most difficult questions people face both on and off during their
Why to Read the Book
 This book evolved from thousand of questions asked to Welch when
speaking to audiences around the world.
 This book does not contain the same old stuff of what management ...view middle of the document...

He feels that lack of candor blocks creative
ideas, fast action, and good people contributing all the stuff which can be
helpful for company growth.
Some important aspects that has been discussed with good examples are:

First, candidates should pass three screens:
 Screen #1: Do they have integrity - tell the truth and keep their word.
 Screen #2: Are they intelligent - having sufficient curiosity and "breadth
of knowledge" to lead other smart people.

 Screen #3: Are they mature - able to handle stress and sfalures, respect
other's emotions, be confident without being arrogant and have a sense
of humour.
Second, look for four E's and a P.
 Positive Energy - thriving on action, relishing change, making friends
easily, loving work, play and life.
 Can Energize Others - "It takes a deep knowledge of your business and
strong persuasion skills...."
 Has Edge - the ability to make tough decisions, even when all the
information isn't in.
 Can Execute - to take the decision and make it happen, overcoming all
obstacles to complete the task.
 Passion - They're excited about their work, learning and growing, and
helping those around them win.
Crisis Management
 With big crises, don’t ever forget you have a business to run
 Almost no crisis ends without damage. There will be change in people and
 The organization will survive for the better in a long run.
Your Strategy : Competition
 When it comes to strategy, think less and do more, if...

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