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Book Report

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During the turn of the 19th century, Toronto became part of the industrialization and urbanization phase. With that came the migration of single women to the city, women who left their small towns in order to find paid jobs in the city of Toronto. These were young single women who broke free from the unpaid working women of the past, although their freedom to work came with a price.
While these young working girls were trying to make into the world, many discouraged such notions of working in the city factories and shops due to the idea that these women would jepordize their shift into a housewife or motherhood. This idea was known as the girl problem, a delimma that needed to be dealt with ...view middle of the document...

The idea of women working in the city rather than in the home became a fear due to “disruption of family cohesion, the decline of rural life, and growing militancy of the urban working class” (strange, 22). The idea that women who worked outside the home would only create problems for the well -being of society, this idea came from the social reforms and regulators who believed that women were moving away from what is presumed as “female” behaviour. These groups also believed that these young women who worked within society were seen as promiscuous and immoral. Strange describes them as “rebellious and women adrift” (pg.8). These young women were unwelcomed by the public sphere, their space which in is lecture is known as ones own physical reality (lec#2) is the home. The home has become a place that is socially constructed as a women’s space, a place as mentioned before where women can be mothers, wives, caregiver to the family.
Despite the socially constructed ideals of society, young women began to break free of what was expected of them. They came to the city to become part of the working world and remove themselves from the home, although some were still attached to the home in order to support the families they may have left behind (pg8). The city has become the space of a women, according to Strange, “they no longer appeared as women adrift but as creatures of the city, at home in its streets, shops, and factories”( 46). Women becoming part of the city and trying to establish themselves within space was sought as rebellious as previously...

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